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Do cats eat goldfish?

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they almost eat any kind of edible fish(not sharks no whales ect. the big kinds of fish no ) small ones yes

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Can cats eat goldfish crackers?


Can cats eat goldfish?

YesYes they can. The gold fish will arouse the cats curiosity and if the cat gets it out of the bowl it will eat it.

What does a white pointer shark eat?

dolphins, cats, dogs, poo, pandas, grizzly bears and goldfish

What fish can eat goldfish?

Any fish bigger than a goldfish can eat a goldfish.

Can a catfish eat goldfish?

Cats can and will eat your fishy friends. It is always a good idea to keep fish bowls and aquariums. Fish occasionally like to jump out of their homes. Yes, catfish can and will eat goldfish, and any other fish smaller than they are.

Do goldfish eat algae?

Yes goldfish do eat algae

Will your axolotl eat your goldfish?

yes a axolotl can eat a goldfish

Can tadpoles eat goldfish?

No but a big goldfish can eat a tadpole.

Do goldfish eat watery carrot?

No. They eat goldfish flakes.

If tadpoles live with goldfish will the goldfish eat them?

Yes, goldfish will eat the tadpoles if they are small enough.

What plants DON'T goldfish eat?

There are a great many plants that goldfish will not eat. Goldfish will not eat plants like trees for example.

What types of fish food can goldfish eat?

feeder goldfishes eat goldfish granules and fancy goldfishes eat goldfish flakes

Will goldfish eat zebra fish?

Yes, goldfish will eat just about anything, even other goldfish.

Do frogs eat goldfish?

yes, frogs eat goldfish. they also eat insects.

Do owls eat goldfish?

no . owls do not eat goldfish. they eat different type of fish

What goldfish do goldfish eat?

Goldfish are a form of carp. They don't eat other goldfish, but they eat small flies. Sometimes goldfish like to eat tiny tropical critters such as ghost shrimp, but they don't eat other goldfish unless there's a huge size difference or if the other goldfish are frys. Occasionally, goldfish may nip on another goldfish's fins if it is weak. There aren't any specific goldfish that goldfish themselves target.

Do goldfish eat frozen spinach?

No, goldfish can not eat frozen spinach.

Do goldfish eat each other?

yes the goldfish can eat each other if you put the bigger goldfish with baby goldfish. i own goldfish i had experienced with when i had putted about 1inch goldfish with Adult 12Inch goldfish , and the adult ate it -.-

What does a goldfish eat?

Tiny flakes of goldfish food.Goldfish eat fish food and sometimes the plants in the water.

Do goldfish eat lettuce?

Yes goldfish can eat lettuce. I tried feeding my goldfish some lettuce once but they didn't care for it much, but they did eat some of it and its a good snack for goldfish.

Guppy eat goldfish?

Guppies don't get large enought to eat goldfish. They will eat anything they can fit in their mouth. The goldfish might eat your guppies though.-Melchisedek

Can baby goldfish eat peas?

no,goldfish eats goldfish food.

Do goldfish eat tadpoles?

Yes. Goldfish are carnivorous and will eat anything suitable.No

What plants do goldfish eat?

What is more pertinent is, "What plants DON'T goldfish eat?"

Can goldfish eat catfish?

No. a goldfish is much too small to eat a catfish.

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