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Do cats get depressed when another cat that lives with them dies?

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2007-05-30 21:49:32

Yes animals become attached to there friends and family just as

humans do also animals have very different personalities so yes a

cat can get depressed if one of there friends or family dies even

if its just a short period of time that they know that one animal,

I.e. I have a female German Shepard that I got for the pound well

within a week of being here at my house she had meet the neighbors

dog a male they instantly became close going everywhere together

doing the same thing the other was doing one thing led to another

they had puppies but with in that first week they got so close that

they did not leave each others side got depressed and acted all

crazy acting if the other was not around and even would not eat

with out the other around and if you gave the mine the female food

first the mine the male would not eat till the she got fed doesn’t

matter if he had to wait hours or had give her his food and wait to

be feed its still like that to day even more so they don’t go

anywhere with out each other I believe that this is only possible

if the cat who died lived together with the other cats for a very

long time, maybe years. If you see a change in the other cats such

as their appetite and actions after the other cat died going on for

a while, they might be depressed. Hope this helps. -Leopold Animals

are different individually like humans. If you raise two cats

together and one passes away the other one may welcome the

additional attention you can give them, but yes indeed, many cats

and dogs will pine away for their close buddy. I had a dog and cat

(still have the cat) and when my little dog had to be put to sleep

my cat kept going around the house meowing and looking here and

there for her friend. I thought it would go away, but it never did

so my husband and I got another little dog (Bichon Frise x ) and my

cat is happy again. They are best buds and play all day. Here's

something else ... if I mention the name of my former dog my cats

ears perk up and off she goes looking so my husband and I are very

careful not to mention the name around our cat too often. It is

fact also that most wild animals will surround and care for the

injured in their herds or packs. Elephants are well noted for this

as are apes of all species. Did you know that when geese fly they

fly in formation to pick up more wind under their wings and when

one of the geese is injured two other healthy geese will leave that

formation and follow the injured bird to the ground and the rest of

the formation corrects itself. Nature never ceases to amaze me and

there is much humans can learn from animals.

Answer I've always had two dogs and a cat, and

when one dog had passed away from old age not only did the

remaining dog go into deep depression so did the cat. I ended up

getting another dog. Then my cat passed away and the two dogs went

into full depression. I got a kitten from the SPCA and all was well

again. Then my Cairn passed away at the age of 10 from Cushing's

Disease leaving my Bishon Frize (6 months old) feeling lost and

depressed. The dog and cat were close for a couple of months, but

they missed my Cairn, so I ended up getting a male Cockapoo and all

is well once again. Animals most certainly go through a grieving

process when their mate or their buddy passes on. As far as two

cats and one passing on, usually the one that is living loves the

extra attention so doesn't grieveas badly, but, if you're not

around then I am sure they miss their buddy.

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