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Do cats really have nine lives?

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No, cats do not really have nine lives (which, by logical extension, would mean they could die eight times and resurrect themselves). This is a folklore myth which came from the observation that cats seem to be able to extricate themselves from a number of situations which would have killed a dog or a human. Cats are still susceptible to injury and infection, and once they die once they are dead and not coming back.

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yes (duh)

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Do dogs have nine lives like cat do?

no they do not and cats really do not have nine lives it is just a saying

Do tabby cats have nine lives?

No, cats do not really have nine lives. It is a fun little myth because cats are so athletic they seem to come "close to death" all the time. if they really had 9 lives they will be undefetable

Do you cats really have nine lives?

No, cats do not have 9 lives. This is just an old saying to describe how cats are really clever at avoiding or neutralizing harm to themselves.

Why does cats have 9 lives?

they do not really have nine lives it is said a cat has nine lives because when they fall from a tree, they always land four feet.

What do People say cats have nine of?

cats have nine lives

Do all cats have nine lives?

All cats do not have nine lives. That is a urban myth. I believe that they say cats have nine lives because cats can jump from very high buildings and climb trees and fall without dying. They are great pets though. No, cats do no have nine lives at all.

Do whales have nine lives as cats do?

No, whales don't have "nine lives" (and neither do cats, for that matter; cats are just extremely agile and lucky).

What animal has nine lives?


Some people say cats have nine of these?

Nine lives.

In Canada or the US cats are considered to have nine lives What is the number of their lives in Mexico?

Just the same: nine lives.

Is it true cats have nine live?

Is it true cats have nine lives? Well, they actually don't have nine lives. This is because cats land on their feet whenever they drop and some people believe cats have nine lives is because they are just superstitious about this kind of stuff. Cats are also nocturnal which means they get 8-9 hours of sleep each day. That is also another reason some people think cats have nine lives. Also, the expression "That Cat Has Nine Lives" means that that cat survived something drastic. THE END

Why do cats have 9 lives and humans have 1?

Cats don't actually live nine lives really it's just a myth. Cats really have one life just like other animals and us. Cats can survive death by landing on their feet, if they were to land on their side or even their head it could kill them. I'm not saying you should test this out. I'm saying it's like cats have nine lives because they can cheat death the way they do.

How can i make a sentence with lives?

He lives on Second Street. Cats have nine lives.

What animal is said to have nine lives?


Do cats ever live nine lives?

No, the myth of cats living nine lives is just a myth because they survive dangerous things. cats are built different then most animals.

What does it mean when cats have nine lives?

They say cats have nine lives because cats can survive harsh conditions, cats can fall from a few stories up and not die. This is because cats are built differently than other animals.

How many lives ard cats said to have?

Some people believe cats have nine (9) lives. In all reality, cats only have one life. Yet in the Warriors cats book series, the leaders get nine lives. (Good series, by the way).

Does a cat have nine lives?

No, this is just a myth. Cats do not really have nine lives. The saying is based on the fact that cats are very adaptable and can often get out of situations in which you might think they would be killed. For example, they are able to fall from great heights and land, uninjured, on their feet.

How many lives do leader cats get?

In the Warrior Cats series, they receive nine.

Do cats realy have nine lives?

no its just a saying

Some people say cats have nine of these what is it?


Is the belief cats have 7 or 9 lives?


Cat has nine lives?

No, cats do not have nine lives. It is an old myth that people told as jokes and stories. Cats only have one life, just like we humans do.

Legendary number falls of lives for a cat?

Cats are said to have nine lives.

Why do cats do or don't have 9 lives?

Cats do have 9 lives. I have a cat named fluffls and the next day my friend Andrea found the same exact one..... Cats do not have 9 lives the book I have says so. It's really a matter of whether you believe they have nine lives or not. It's not any of your business anyway, the life/lives belongs/belong to the cat, or cats.