Do chicken breasts in stores come from hens or roosters?

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From both actually. When raising meat birds they grow so fast they do not distinguish genders. The birds are ready for market long before the become sexually active and the meat is the same anyway.
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How do you determine if you have a hen or a rooster?

Answer . we look at thier legs . check to see if they have lil knots on thier leg where .the spurs would be .. Answer . \nMales have longer necks and are usually taller, and they have a sort of a thick part of skin where their spurs will grow as they age.

Will chickens rooster an hens related breed I have raised these chickens from eggs came from a friend these chicks are brother an sister will they breed.?

Yes they can breed, but they will be inbred. This may not affect the birds at all, But the more interbreeding between family members, the more suseptible to disease and deformity they become. The best thing to do is swap the roosters with other people with the same problem. you will end up with heal ( Full Answer )

Where can you trade roosters for hens?

Most farmers do not need more than one or two roosters, the hen is more valuable to them for its egg production. That does not mean you cannot find a willing trader. Check at your local feed /grain outlet and post a note on the bulletin board. Call the local 4H club and see if they have a poultry cl ( Full Answer )

Do you have to have a rooster for your hens to lay eggs?

No, they will lay eggs even if they don't have a rooster. If you want chicks however you have to have a rooster. . Yes chickens doo. they start to lay eggs at about 6-8 weeks of age regardless if there is a rooster around or not. if you have a rooster you can not eat the eggs as they may be fertile ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between a rooster and a hen?

A hen is a female chicken over one year old, before that age they are called Pullets. A rooster is a male chicken over one year old, before that age they are called Cockerels. The hen lays eggs. The rooster does not. The rooster mates with the hen to fertilize the eggs she lays. Roosters a ( Full Answer )

Are BBQ chickens made from hens or roosters?

Both. Meat birds are mixed gender. Birds used for commercial market are processed at a certain weight not gender or age. BBQ chickens are usually between 2.5 and 4 Lbs depending on the requirements of the end user (restaurant or supermarket).

How do you determine roosters from hens?

Vent sexing or identifying the sex of young chicks by looking at its sexual organs is done accurately, only by very well trained people. It takes a long time to learn how to identify the more than 15 different shapes of the cloaca. Chicks are often damaged or killed by squeezing them too hard when d ( Full Answer )

Are the chickens without combs hens and the ones with roosters?

Not necessarily. In many breeds of chickens both roosters and hens have combs although the roosters combs are usually more pronounced and develop faster than the hens. Combs are described in several ways, such as Peacombs, double combs, single comb and combless such as Silkies. If all your chick ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if a chicken is a hen or rooster?

The tail feathers of a rooster tend to be longer and brighter than those of a hen. Along with the plume, these feathers tend to be the most outstanding feature on a rooster.

Can a rooster chicken breed with a guinea hen?

Yes they can. They can breed. However very few of the eggs will hatch, and the offspring will be sterile hybrids. They do make some interesting looking poultry though! See Related Links

Will Chickens come from store eggs?

Chicken eggs from the store will NOT hatch no matter what you do to them. By the time they get to the store they have been away from the warmth of the mother, or any kind of warmth, for far too long to be fertile.

Chicken in the store is it hen or rooster?

They are both! Most of the chickens in the super markets are raised especially for meat use and grow so fast (heavy) that they are useless for breeding or pets. They are generally crosses between cornish and rock breeds. The roosters may reach market weight a few weeks sooner then the hens but they ( Full Answer )

Chicken rooster that breeds hen has spurs and now is laying eggs?

Firstly, the bird will either be a hen or a rooster, just to clarify ;). Hens can have spurs, it is 'rare' however.. Also, when you do not have a rooster in with a flock of hens, one hen will assume the dominant role of flock protector, or alpha hen. This means that her comb will grow larger and m ( Full Answer )

What do roosters do to hens?

Roosters- or cockerels, as we call them in Britain- are essential to mate with hens in order to enable the hens to produce eggs. They also serve to protect the female brood from intruders, be these other cockerels or different animals altogether.

Why are hen chicken wings are tougher than regular chicken wings at the store?

Hens are much older than the chickens grown for meat. The older the animal is when slaughtered, the tougher the meat. . Poulets or capons for meat production usually are slaughtered at around six weeks to three months of age. . Hens are slaughtered for stew and soup at the end of their prime bree ( Full Answer )

Do hens mate with hens if there is not a rooster?

No, hens are never homosexual in nature. Not entirely true, there is one rare exception. Sex reversal has been documented in poultry where by a hen will physically transform into a cock. It's called sex-inversion and it is well documented. Although rare, it happens, and usually when there is a lac ( Full Answer )

Why is the rooster never mentioned in which comes first the chicken or the egg?

Because feminist and progressives have been trying to minimize the importance of the male role model 'father' in the family. Not only is this a good questions with concern to evolution, it is evidence of how long the battle to remove fathers from the family has been raging. Of course the Mommy and D ( Full Answer )

Are chickens the product of roosters and hens?

Neither. A rooster is a chicken and a hen is a chicken. Rooster and hen are just the words to distinguish the gender of the chicken from male and female respectively.

How many hens and roosters can you have together?

You can have as many hens as you want with A rooster. It's vital not to have 2 or more roosters together because they will fight over the hens and will eventually fight to death.

Why do the hens peck at the rooster?

Well that means they are ready to mate. And soon when your breeding them the male pecks and bites at the female.

Do hens turn into roosters?

Yes. If there isn't a roster in the flock already then it isn't rare for a hen to turn into a rooster. They even cock-a-doole-do. I have had two hens turn into roosters because the rooster got eaten by a fox... lol

How can I stop my hens from attacking my rooster?

Put your rooster in a different enclosure than your hens. Or maybe get your rooster checked out by a veterinarian to see if he maybe injured which may lead your hens to target him like they do. Chickens have a bad habit of picking on other weak or injured chickens, so this maybe the reason why your ( Full Answer )

How do I stop my hens atacking my rooster?

First, remove the rooster and treat his wounds. If the rooster is too young for the hens, DO NOT PUT HIM BACK IN. Wait until he is the same size as the hens or bigger. If that isn't the case, when you put him back in after his wounds are healed, watch carefully, and see which hen intigates the ( Full Answer )

How long can you store canned chicken breast?

I'm assuming here that you aren't opening the can. If you open the can and keep the chicken in the fridge, I'd say I wouldn't keep it more than three days. I have a three day rule about the refrigertor for safety's sake. If the meat is still in the can, there should be an expiration date on the bott ( Full Answer )

Can chickens and roosters and hens fly?

Contrary to popular belief, chickens actually CAN fly, although not very well. It depends on the breed, and the size of the chicken. Bantam breeds can sometimes fly quite far, due to their small size. They aren't capable of sustaining flight though.

Why raise hens instead of roosters for chicken meat?

There really isn't any difference until the birds begin to reach sexual maturity. For broilers there is is no difference, but larger breeds the roosters are just a little tougher. On out farm the hens go in a coop and the boys roam free range till five months then 4 weeks in a fattening coop where t ( Full Answer )

Will a rooster defend his hens from a eagle?

Yes, Most roosters will try to defend his flock from any predator. The problem with birds of prey is the angle of attack. The rooster may see the eagle but really has no idea of its target until it strikes. Buy the time the rooster gets to the predator and its victim, it is usually too late. A roost ( Full Answer )

How are roosters hens and chickens different?

Chickens = The species name for said egg-laying livestock. Roosters (known as cocks in other countries) = Male chickens. Larger than hens, with big combs and fancier tailfeathers. Hens (known as pullets when less than a year old) = Female chickens. They lay eggs, while roosters don't. The ( Full Answer )

How did the chests of chickens come to be known as breasts?

Since chickens aren't mammals, their "breasts" are not mammary glands. However, "breast" can also mean just the area of the body. Chicken breasts are also known as "white meat" since the flesh is lighter that than of the legs (the "dark meat"). Birds' breast muscle is what powers their wings, althou ( Full Answer )