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Do chickens burp?

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Of course chickens burp! most things burp but seagulls dont my seagul just burped

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Can Chickens Burp?

No they cant.

Would a chicken explode if it drank soda?

Chickens do not have the ability to expel or pass gas or burp. Soda Pop and Beans should not be fed to chickens.

What happens to chickens when they drink soda?

From a practical standpoint, probably nothing because most chickens won't drink soda. However, if you do get a carbonated beverage into a chicken, it may cause digestive trouble. Chickens may not be able to effectively eructate, or burp, to get the freed carbon dioxide gas out of their crop.

How do you burp the ABC?

you burp

Can poprocks kill a chicken?

If the chicken eats enough of these candies, possibly yes. Chickens cannot burp. It is however unlikely any chicken would eat enough of these things to kill it. Unlike humans, chickens have some sense about what they will or will not ingest.

Do rats burp?

Yes rats do burp. actually they do. i believe that rats burp Rats do burp. I've seen and smelled it.

How do you burp on cue?

my sister can burp when ever she wants to. She had braces and she said that's how you can or somtimes this works. You drink a whole can of sprite in 2 minutes than you burp burp burp

Do spiders burp?

No why would they burp

How do you burp louder?

scream and burp!

Do cheetahs burp?

can a cheetah burp

Do goats burp?

do goats burp

Why can you not burp?

Sometimes you can't burp because you never did something to do something to burp. If you would like to burp try drinking coke. Could be any any coke. The normal coca cola, diet coke you name it! If it doesn't work try to ask questions on how to burp in lots of different ways. For example How to burp? Or How can I burp? Or How do you burp?

Do penguins burp?

Yes. Penguins can burp. Japanese Kan'ji fly out of their mouths when they burp.

Burp and calories?

No, you do not burn caloires when you burp.

Does everyone burp?

no doubt. EVERYONE burp.

How old do you have to be to burp?

You burp right from the start.

Do orangutans burp?

yes, orangutans burp

Can raccoons burp?

Yes, raccoons can burp.

Do chickens get overheated?

well of course they do. they get eaten once in a while, and can run around without their heads, so they can sweat it out a litttle bit. what they cant do is burp. common knowledge sir.

Can a frog burp?

not to many people are sure. i have never seen them burp prububly when they burp it is interuted by their ribits.

What is the longest burp?

The longest burp is 10 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do birds burp?

Of course they do all mammals burp.

Why does water make you burp?

You burp because you have gas.

Is it normal for dogs to burp?

as normal as it is for humans to burp

What is the word for burp in spanish?

The word for burp is eructar