Chickens and Roosters

Do chickens eat people?

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This is an illogical question.

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What is a chickens favourite treat?

Chickens eat people and also eat themselves =)

How do chickens help -people?

chickens help people by eggs and we can eat themand make pilliows

What do bantams eat?

Bantam chickens eat the same foods as regularly sized chickens. Many people enjoy keeping bantam chickens because they eat far less than regular chickens.

Can chickens eat people?

only when they are hungry

What kind of food do people in Uruguay eat?

they eat chickens and dogs,

What food do chickens eat?

What does chickens eat

Did aboriginal people eat chickens?

No, but they ate snakes.

How many chickens can you eat?

97 chickens is approximately how many chickens you can eat.

What animals do chickens eat?

chickens eat feed.

Do chickens eat foxes?

No, but foxes will eat chickens.

Do chickens eat tadpoles?

Yes: if it squirms, they will eat it. My chickens eat them.

What kinds of birds people eat?

turkey duck chickens

What do people use ducks for?

To eat them just like chickens.

Can chickens eat long grass?

No coz they eat people coz there demented x

Do chickens eat coconut?

Chickens don't eat coconuts they eat bread.

Do chickens eat lady bugs?

chickens eat anything

Do chickens eat grubs?

Yes chickens eat grubs!

Can chickens eat brownies?

yes, chickens can eat brownies

Do chickens eat wheat?

Yes, chickens eat wheat. As a matter of fact, chickens aminly eat wheat (if the farmer is "rich.")

Do chickens eat peaches?

Yes, chickens eat almost anything.

Do buzzards eat live chickens?

yes they eat live chickens

Why do chickens eat grit?

Chickens eat grit to help with their digestion.

Can chickens eat straw berries?

NO, what are you on..? chickens can't eat strawberries.

Will raccoons eat chickens?

Yes, raccoons will kill and eat chickens.

Would raccoons eat chickens?

Yes, raccoons do eat chickens.

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