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Yes! They do! It is a miricle!

Yes. Not in the way you think. If you are allergic to dogs, getting a chihuahua will make your Allergies and your Asthma WORSE. This is a myth that they take away asthma. Be sure to have yourself tested for allergies first. If you are not allergic to dog dander, then you will be fine and have a cute active pet.

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I am not sure why.. But I am positive that they do. The problem with most owners is thay don't bond with there chihuahua. If you are mean to, or dislike the animal it wont make the b ond that is neccisary.

I have had asthma my entire life, we got a male chihuahua.. and I never bonded with him. Also another theory is that you have to get them when they are a puppy. The male chihuahua was already grown.

By chance when I was 12 early in the year, we had to take in a 17 hour old female chihuahua, and bottle feed her from the time of birth. With the first we had got him for the asthma. With her we hadn't thought about it. By the end of the year we noticed that she had start to have coughing fits and started weezing. Not very long after that did I notice I could go outside and run and not even need my inhaler. Were as before I would have been having an attack.

So as far as it being a myth.. NO! I am a true believer in this and I will stand strong on that.

I thank that little chihuahua Indie now for giving me my life back. She still has coughing fits and weezing when overexcited.

~Chihuahua Lover For Life

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Q: Do chihuahuas affect allergies or asthma?
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If I remember hamsters don't get asthma or allergy..

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For people with allergies and asthma, cats can make it worse.

Is asthma and allergies genetic?

asthma yes allergies no

Can you have a Jack Russell dog if you have asthma?

Dog hair really don't affect asthma. They more affect allergies to dander. But if you do have allergies to dander, and want a Jack Russell, long-hairs are best as they shed less.

Is there a treatment for chihuahuas with asthma?

No! Asthma can't be treated in general!

What are chihuahuas goood for?

they are good for asthma

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Do guinea pigs affect asthma?

I have asthma and have not had any problems with my guinea pig, they do tend to shed alot, but their fur is different from a cat and is more closer to human hair, and they shouldn't mess with your asthma or allergies!

What does asthma?

Asthma is a breathing disorder, in which when your Allergies act up, your throat gets swollen and makes it harder to breathe. this is also refereed to as an "asthma attack", or a sudden break of asthma from allergies.

Are chihuahuas good for kids with asmah?

Yes it helps asthma

How asthma will cause?

asthma will cause lots of things mostly allergies

Can dogs especially yorkies affect asthma in children?

Recent research has shown that children raised with a dog in the home have a lower instance of asthma when they get older. These children also have fewer allergies.