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Chloroplast convert light energy. Mitochondria convert chemical energy itself


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the mitochondria change chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use while the chloroplast is the only organelle that can trap the energy of sunlight and convert it into chemical energy.

Mitochondria & Chloroplast

Chloroplast converts light energy into chemical energy, whereas mitochondria converts chemical energy into a different chemical energy. Chloroplast is present in plants and mitochondria is present in all cells

They produce chemical energy.Sun light energy is in them.

Energy is converted in them.In mitochondria chemical energy is kept as chemical enery but carrier changed.In chloroplast light energy stored as chemical energy.

No they do not create. Chlorophyll convert energy,light energy into chemical energy

Chloroplasts are storing energy. mitochondria are using them.

chloroplast involves in gene expression and mitochondria for energy synthesis.

the chloroplasts and the mitochondria work together by trading nutrients. Both the mitochondria and the chloroplast create energy, the mitochondria create energy via respiration when there is no sunlight for the chlorophyll,

Chloroplast produce glucose using dun light energy. Mitochondria release this energy through respiration.

Light energy into chemical energy.Energy of sun light is stored in glucose.

Chloroplast transform light energy into chemical energy.So it is an energy transferer.

Mitochondria is where cellular respiration takes place and where most energy in the form of ATP is generated. Chloroplasts convert sunlight energy into chemical energy stored in sugar molecules. Mitochondria uses chemical energy; chloroplasts use light energy.

Chloroplast interacts with mitochondria because chloroplasts converts sunlight into energy, mitochondria helps the conversion process.

Chloroplast is what all the organelles are in and Mitochondria is what converts the energy in food molecules to food that the cell can use.

Mitochondria and Chloroplastmitochondria and chloroplasts

No it is not mitochondria. It is the chloroplast

Mitochondria do not make chemical energy, the release it.

i thought mitochondria turned food into energyso energy i guess

chloroplasts are organelles that capture the energy from the sunlight and convert it into chemical energy in a process called Photosynthesis.

they have a substance called Chloroplast,or chlorophyl The chemical reaction of the breakdown of substances/food releases energy that is collected in the mitochondria of cells.

chloroplast and the mitochondria

Chloroplast and Mitochondria

The mitochondria releases energy for the cell and in some way helps the chloroplast

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