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A cockroach is able to grow its leg back just like grasshoppers, Spiders, and ladybugs. The leg is still alive after being removed from the body. The new leg can be seen usually after the cockroach molts.

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How many legs do a cockroach have?

A cockroach has 6 legs.

How do cockroach move?

A cockroach moves with its legs. A cockroach has six legs. These legs allow him to get from one place to another.

Total number of legs on a cockroach?

A cockroach is an insect.All insects have six legs,therefore a cockroach has six legs.

How many legs does a cockroach have?

A Cockroach is an insect,so it has six legs.6 legs

Can crocodiles grow their legs back?

yes crocodiles can grow there back legs

How many legs cockroach has?

A cockroach has 6 legs because it is an insect.

Do crabs grow their legs back?

Do you grow your legs back?...... Thats what I thought. #StupidIdiot

Can dragonfly grow legs back?

Dragonfly can grow legs back, however only when all of their legs are gone.

Can cockroach grow back their head if ithas been cut off?


How many leg of cockroach?

a cockroach have six (6) legs.

How many legs does cockroach have?

All insects have 6 legs, including a cockroach ofcourse. All species of cockroaches have 6 legs.

How long does it take for a tadpole to grow back legs?

Depending what kind of tadpoles they are, they will usually grow their back legs in around 5 weeks and their front legs will grow not that long after that.

Can grasshoppers grow their back legs back?


What is the difference between the legs of cockroach and grasshopper?

well the legs of the cockroaches are small compared to the grasshoppers and grasshoppers have strong legs compared to cockroach.

How many legs does a cockroach nymph have?

6 legs

Can newts grow legs back?

yes newts can grow there limbs back. :)

Do ladybugs grow back legs?

some ladybug leg do grow back

Can crocodiles legs grow back?


Can frogs grow their legs back?


Do kaytydids grow there legs back?


Can grasshoppers grow their legs back?


Can praying mantids legs grow back?

Praying mantis can grow back their legs like a spider can, unless it has a defect or it is dead.

Do frogs grow back legs?

yes, they grow into an adult they have them.

What is resemblance between the young cockroach with the adult cockroach?

Both have six legs!

How many feet does cockroach have?

Like all insects, the cockroach has six legs.