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Yes it does. I'm specifically investigating on sulfur to see if it affects ants at all. So i had to do some research and found out that coffee grounds deterred ants from their pheromone tracks. Since i'm studying specifically on sulfur, i found enough sites that prove coffee grounds have sulfur.

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Is it coffee grinds or coffee grounds?

The correct term is Coffee grounds.

Is black coffee a heterogeneous or a homogeneous mixture?

Coffee is a homogeneous mixture (if it is mixed well)

Is cat feces coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds is ground coffee.

What are coffee grounds made from?

Coffee grounds are made by grinding up coffee with a coffee grinder.

Are coffee grounds harmful to people?

Coffee grounds are not harmful to people.

Do espresso machines use regular coffee grounds?

They can use coffee grounds or coffee beans.

How does coffee grounds help pea plants grow?

They use the coffee grounds as nutrient.

How do you separate coffee grounds from coffee liquid?

a coffee filter

Can you use coffee grounds as a fertilizer?

Yes, and coffee grounds are especially good to add to compost.

Should coffee grounds be removed after after percing coffee?

No never leave grounds in the thing you use

Do used coffee grounds repel bears?

Coffee grounds can repel deer, but they do not work on bears.

Is eating coffee grounds good for you?

No! never eat coffee grounds! they have extremely high caffeine. it might choke you! so until this point on, never eat coffee grounds.

Can you use coffee grounds to grow your plant?

Coffee grounds exclusively will not nourish a plant, but if you add coffee grounds to good soil, it enriches the soil, and your plant will grow better.

What is the role of filtration in the making of coffee?

It keeps the coffee grounds from falling into the pot, so you don't drink soldid coffee grounds.

Can you add coffee grounds to the soil in Clark County NV?

Coffee grounds contain nitrogen. They have an acid pH. Both can help the soils of Clark county. In that county, the soil is called caliche or desert. It has an alkaline pH. It lacks sufficient nitrogen.

Do rubber bands contain sulfur?

rubber bands do contain sulfur

Are coffee grounds alive?

No, they are not.

Would a mulch of coffee grounds harm earthworms?

No. Coffee grounds are good for worms. They assist in the worm's digestion.

How do you use coffee grounds?

i use coffee grounds in my percolator. course ground . fine ground iuse in a caffetere

Does eating coffee grounds help stay awake?

Coffee grounds would have caffeine, but why would you want to eat them?! Just drink a cup of coffee!

Are coffee grounds good for plants?

Many gardeners think coffee grounds make an excellent mulch or compost, but it would probably depend on the coffee.

How would you get the smell of gasoline out of your car?

Coffee grounds. Buy some coffee grounds from the store. Spray the area that the gasoline spilled in your car with some water and then rub in the coffee grounds. WAit a few hours or even a day or two and then vaccuum out the coffee grounds. and the smell should be gone!

Minerals that contain sulfur and oxygen?

The minerals that contain sulfur and oxygen is sulfates.

Does clindamycin hydrochloride contain a sulfur drug?

Does clindamyan contain a sulfur drug?

Can coffee be used as compost to help grow plants?

Coffee grounds are excellent compost for plants. They are chemically neutral, not acidic as the acid comes out when the coffee is brewed. Many coffee shops will give away the grounds to people that ask. Coffee grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen.