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Q: Do columnar cells lining the small intestine show a brush border of microvilli in the apical surface?
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Which epithelium is highly absorptive due to increased surface area cause by microvilli found on free apical surface?


Is transitional epithelium highly absorptive because of increased surface area caused by microvilli found on free apical surface?


Cells with large numbers of microvilli on their apical surface are probably involved in?

reabsorption of molecules during production of urine.

What is the specialization at apical surfaces of epithelium?

microvilli stereocilia cilia

Microscopic folds that extend from the apical surface of certain epithelia to increase the surface area for absorption and secretion are called?

These are called microvilli which means shaggy hair. They are tiny hairlike folds in the plasma membrane that extend from the surface of some cells. They are be seen as a "brush border" with a light microscope.

Where can you found the simple columner epithelial tissue?

location of simple columnar epithelial cells1. it lines the internal surfaces ofstomachintestinegall bladderuterus2. in many locations in the body, the cells of simple columnar epithelium show modifications on their apical surface which includesmicrovillistereociliakinociliaIn the squamous layers of the epithelial tissues, for example the epidermis of the skin.

Where is epithelial tissue in the stomach?

apical surface

Does All epithelia have an apical surface and a basal surface?


What structural modification of certain tubule cells enhances their ability to reabsorb substances from the filtrate?

I'm assuming that the filtrate refered to is that of Bowman's capsule in the kidney. If so then ... The cuboidal cells of the proximal convoluted tubule have long microvilli (brush border) on their apical (inside) surface that dramatically increase the surface area for reabsorption from the filtrate.

What type of tissue has an apical and basal surface?

Epithelial tissue lines body surfaces and cavities as have apical and basement sides.

What type of epithelium has dome shaped cell on the apical surface?


Do brush border enzymes break down monosaccherides into glucose?

Yes... In the small intestine, the brush borders of the intestinal lining are the site of terminal carbohydrate digestions. The microvilli that constitute the brush border have enzymes for this final part of digestion anchored into their apical plasma membrane as integral membrane proteins. These enzymes are found near to the transporters that will then allow absorption of the digested nutrients.