The intestines aid in the digestion and absorption of food and stretch from the stomach to the anus.

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What would cause pain in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen?


Human Anatomy and Physiology

What is the puckered opening between the legs called?

That is called the anus, the opening where fecal matter exits the body. The majority of animals have that or something similar.

Birds and at least one mammal have a cloaca instead, and that is an opening for urination, defecation, mating, and laying eggs.


What function gives feces its brown color?

The breakdown of erythrocytes is the function, but it is the waste product of this function, bile pigment bilirubin which is altered by microbes in the large intestine, resultant urobilinogen, which is converted to STERCOBILIN and excreted in the faeces. It is therefore the by product of this function, STERCOBILIN which deodorises and gives faeces its brown colour.


What could be wrong if you have stopped having bowel movements and instead mucus comes out of your anus when you pass gas?

  • See your doctor! It is unlikely that this has to do with your emotional well being. Feces is a direct result of what goes into your body. If you are eating too much fat, too much or too little magnesium, or have a number of other dietary problems your gas and bowel movements will change. Infections and long term antibiotic use can also do it. You need to speak to a licensed health care provider immediately.
  • I think that the answer to the question has very little to do with diet (the human digestive system is in most individuals, an amazingly adaptable mechanism) but more to do with the his/her emotional health. I am 65 years of age and have enjoyed for most of my life, and enviable quality of health. Recently however, I have through my own lack of foresight and poor judgement, landed myself in a situation of almost intolerable stress from which I can see no easy way of escape. Result: The very same symptoms that are described. If this is a recent change you need to see a doctor. Colitis (not irritable bowel syndrome) and rectal tumours can cause this Mucous is common in some colon disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS. Also in IBS you can have diarrhea or constipation or both. Food allergies/intolerance
  • Some types of infections could cause this without other symptoms (at first). After 2-3 days, things should return to normal or get worse. See a doctor if it lasts longer or occurs again. I'm not a doc, but I did like my pathogenic bacteriology class and this sounds familiar.
  • Symptoms most likely are due to Ulcerated Colitis, as symptoms worsen abdominal pain and rectal bleeding can also be seen. See your doctor, early treatment can sometimes help avoid surgery. It has nothing to do with the mucous production from cigarette smoking as one contributor stated. Also probably not due to a parasite or bacteria, these usually cause diarrhea.
  • When bowel movements stop and a mucous comes out, it may be that you are IMPACTED. You should see your doctor, or go to a walk-in clinic if you don't have a regular physician. He or she will press on your lower belly, and can tell if you are impacted. They may put you on a stool softener/bowel stimulant and have you increase fluid intake.
  • I agree with the last poster in saying you are IMPACTED! See a doctor. Indeed poor diet can cause these problems. It's important to eat leafy green veggies such as Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Spinach and grains (roughage) and lots of water (8 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day or more if you are in a hot country or have been exercising and perspiring a lot.) Fruits should also be in your diet and for now, back off of dairy products because they can cause constipation (especially too much cheese.)
  • This is not uncommon. I recommend taking Benefiber, which is almost undetectable when mixed with a drink, even water. This should help. Don't panic, there is most likely nothing seriously wrong with you that cannot be improved by some fiber and perhaps a healthier diet.

What is omental-mesenteric fat?

It is the protective fat layer which covers the intestines, just underneath all the skin layers of the abdomen.


Can matcha tea cause green bowel movements?

Yes matcha tea can actually make you bowel movements green. I can say this because I drink matcha tea almost everyday and I have my personal experience. When the first time, I noticed the change in color, I got scared then I thought may be I am drinking the tea too much so I reduced the quantity but still the color was green, however, this time the color was slightly light.
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What happens if you tear your intestines?

You would very quickly develop a violent infection called "peritonitis", which is difficult to treat, and not uncommonly fatal.

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Can IBS cause depression?

It could, because if you were defecating all the time, it could be pretty embarrassing, in fact; an accident would make it even more embarrassing, and therefore cause depression. It may even cause you to develop agoraphobia or social anxiety associated with your problem of going all the time.

IBS has a high correlation with depression. However it is kind of a which came first thing. The intestines have a lot of nerves that are regulated by the same neurotransmitters that have to do with depression. IBS also seems to go along with stress in many people. Both a psychiatrist and gastroenterologist would be helpful with the treatment of IBS and depression. This is a treatable illness.


How much can an anus stretch?

The best answer for this is to search for "goatse"

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What causes Bloody mucus in stool?

One cause could possibly be inflammatory bowel disease. However, any blood in your stool is abnormal and should be checked about by a doctor.

Surgery and Hospitalization

What doctor operates on an intestinal tract?

a gastroenterologist (?)

or a general surgeon

or a proctologist

Domestic Dogs
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Do dogs have intestines?

Yes they do.

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What kind of doctor specializes in hemorrhoids?

A proctologist specializes in hemorrhoids.


What is the function of the rectum?

The rectum is a muscular ring that is at the end of the large intestine. Its function is to keep the intestine sealed shut until the need to pass feces arises. When that need arises it assists in the moving of the feces out of the body.

The main function of the rectum is to act as a temporary storage site for fecal matter before it is eliminated from the body through the anal canal. As the food you eat passes through the digestive system, it is broken down and nutrients are absorbed in the stomach, small and large intestines. Fecal matter, which includes digestive juices, bacteria and fiber, continues to move into the lower portion of the large intestine -- the rectum. The rectum holds the feces until you push it out of the body, through the anal canal, by having a bowel movement.

The rectum is made up of muscular walls that are able to expand to hold fecal matter. With this expansion of the rectum, nerves in the area send signals to the brain that you need to have a bowel movement and muscles in and around the anal canal control the action. Adults and older children are able to control these muscles, relaxing them to release the feces from the rectum or contracting them to avoid having a bowel movement.
The function of the rectum is to hold the feces until it is eliminated from the body through the anal canal and anus.

  1. to collect the undigested waste of the body
  2. to eliminate it as feces.

What causes feces with a dark stripe?

Although it could simply be a dietary anomaly (what you eat), it is possibly internal bleeding from a specific spot in the large intestine, if it is consistent over time or recurring. Doctors are always on the look-out for 'blood in stools' problems for a few reasons. If it's consistent or recurring, one should definitely get it checked out soon.

Colorectal and Colon Cancer

What is viewed in a colonoscopy?

our anus and the large intestine, and whatever is in between the 2. The examination is embarrassing for first timers, but very much needed to eradicate colon cancer.

Does watermelon cause red bowel movement?

Yes. If you eat enough watermelon your feces can turn red, just like with eating beets. Also, if you eat it fast, your body may not digest all of the pulp and you might see some in your stool. As early as 1911 there were doctor studies published showing that even doctors thought it looked like blood until checked under a microscope. If you are worried that what you are seeing is blood stop eating the watermelon for a few days. If you still see red, then you should contact your doctor. And do not listen to people who say that watermelon is pure water, that is not true at all. It can affect the color of your stool.

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Can you get hemorrhoids on your perineum?


That is exactly where you get them (if they are external).

Learn all you need about symptoms and different treatment options at http://hemorrhoidscentral. net

Hope this helps,


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What would cause white string-like things in your stool?

Sounds like it could be worms. I'd have it checked by a doctor if it doesn't go away in a day or two. It could just be something you ate also.

Those white stringy things in your stool are "worms" or parasites. You may benefit from a colon cleansing. I suggest you go to a health food store and have the proprietor show you what's available.

It does potentially sound like a parasite. Parasites enter the body when their eggs or larva are ingested either on contaminated or undercooked food, from dirt on hands, etc. Or sometimes through skin, such as when people get hookworm larva from walking on ground contaminated with dog or wild animal feces, this is called cutaneous larval migrans because humans are a dead end (not normal host) for this parasite.

Most definitely thread worms.

This link to the UK National Health website will tell you all you need to know.

I have them too and was tested. The doctor prescribed me worm medicine before the results came back, and the results were negative, but, the worm medicine seemed to rid my extreme stomach upset problems, etc. So, I think the test was wrong. The white things went away also after the medicine, but, now after a week they are coming back. I am set for a colonoscopy Monday. I think either the worms are back because its easy to be reinfected since medicine doesn't kill the eggs, or, it was something else. It sure looked like worms though. I'll fill you in after my colonoscopy. : )

To the person having the Colonoscopy next week. I do believe that you are correct. However, before I get to that can I advise you that before you go for your colonoscopy you'll have or will be given a powerful laxative probably in two small packets of power to be taken in two parts in a glass of water. I mustremind you to buy a good greasy barrier cream/ointment to protect your rectum between the bouts of Diarrhoea you willhave or you will be very sore. I doubt anything survives that.

You might want to review cooking methods particularly undercooked pork can carry tapeworm. Also, any pets you have, particularly dogs, are prone and can infect or re-infect a human if they are not treated.

Those could be worms. Don't worry they are treatable. You should go to your doctor and have them prescribe a medication for you. Thousands of people get those every year. You can get worms from just about anything, a candy bar, food not cooked all the way and from restaurants, if they don't cook food all the way.

Worms, tapeworms, you can get these from a pet, a child could anyway. Meds will take it away.

i think you better get your sen to doctors and have some worm tablets. make sure you use your own towel and flannel as not to contaminate anybody else. also make sure the rest of your family have a treatment of these tablets for about 2 weeks and have a even doseage. i hope this information has helped you and i do accept donations

Or, you may just have eaten something with long white fibers in it that day, in which case it makes sense your feces would have long white strings. Fiber is often indigestible, so it will come out looking the same as it went in, for example, when you eat corn, the kernels come out looking the same as they went in.

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How do you do intestinal decompression?

Intestinal decompression is done by inserting the nasoenteric tube first. You insert the nasoenteric tube just like in NG tube. The nasoenteric tube have a balloon to be filled with mercury. Three major nasoenteric tubes for aspiration and decompression are Miller-Abbott tube, the Harris tube and the Cantor tube. The passage of long tube along intestines is aided by gravity, weight of mercury and peristalsis. After tube is in stomach, have the patient lie on right side, then back (fowler's position) and then on left side to use gravity to position tube. Position of tube is ascertained by x-ray. Do not tape tube to face but coil loosely on bed. Position of tube and absence of telescoping of bowel from weight of tube is ascertained daily by x-ray. You can now suction the fluid and gas.

Usually, the tube remains in place until peristalsis returns, as evidenced by the resumption of bowel sounds and the passage of flatus.


What causes green mucus in bowel movements?

Yellow or clear mucus is ok but green mucus could mean infection you should go to the doctor right away. But green stool is caused by eating green products ei salads, green beans and anything else that is that color.


What will happen if the small intestine were just a straight tube rather than a coiled tube?

Either we would be a lot taller, or the intestine would be a lot shorter. A shorter intestine would make it more difficult for us to absorb nutrients, so either we'd have to eat stuff with a higher nutritional value, or we'd have to move/grow slower.

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Does a dog have a large intestine?


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Does acupuncture help IBS constipation?

No vigorous double-blind study of acupuncture shows any level of effecacy greater than placebo. There is much anecdotal comments about the use of acupuncture, however. I would recommend consulting your doctor about a proper course of treatment.


What does fiber do for you?

Makes you poop! :)


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