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yes. combat boots have an amazing arch support.

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Q: Do combat boots have good arch support?
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Where can you get a pair of good but fake combat boots?

try Amazon

Is there anything you can buy to help support my foot arch when running?

Yes, you can purchase some good running shoes. Isoplus have real good running shoes and they support your foot so that you can get a good arch in your feet.

What is a good pair of sneakers with a lot of arch support?

Different people have different arch support needs. People can have low, neutral, or high arches. The Nike Free Run + and the New Balance MR993 are both shoes that have great high arch support.

Is there a connection between arch support and foot pain?

Foot pain can be caused by poor arch support. A good supportive shoe with arch supports can alleviate a lot of the problem. Weight loss might also help if obesity is part of the problem.

Are Combat Boots good hiking boots?

The best hiking boots are any kind that is comfortable for you, is waterproof or breathable (depending on the conditions where you are hiking), and provides support for your ankle. The most important objective to keep in mind when getting a pair of hiking boots is comfort. The greater the comfort, the longer both you and the shoe will last. To achieve the greatest amount of comfort, you must be able to achieve the perfect fit for you hiking boots. Also, your hiking boot must suit its intended use.

Will leather luster shoe polish crack?

No. Leather luster is actually really good stuff. Don't use it on combat boots, but on ceremonial and dress shoes/drill boots it should be fine.

Does Bostonian Shoes offer arch support for people that have fallen arches?

"Yes, Bostonian shoes does sell shoes that have adequate arch support for consumers who have fallen arches. This is a good place to purchase dress shoes because these types of shoes with an appropriate arch are difficult to find at other retailers."

Are Kate Spade shoes good for arch support?

Kate Spade shoes are wedge-shaped and have a larger base than standard heels allowing easier balance. They also provide greater arch support than standard heels.

What are the qualities of a good running shoe?

The 2 most important qualities that you should look for in a running are arch support and weight. I have found that shoes that do not supply proper arch support lead to aching feet. A heavy shoe will cause leg pain.

How do you treat sore feet having to wear trainers for work?

Are your feet tired and sore from being on them all day ? If so you may want to go shopping for a better pair of orthopedic shoes that will support your feet comfortably, pay special attention to good arch support. You can also buy good arch support insoles for the shoes you are presently wearing.

What are some shoes like converse that have arch support?

Keen Maderas Oxford are pretty similar to Converse. they're not totally like them but, they have arch supports and they're pretty comfortable, and they look good.

Where is my foot arch and how do I treat pain here?

A foot arch is the part of your foot between the toes or front of your foot, and the heel of the foot. If you have a high arch and do not wear proper shoes with a good arch support you can experience strong pain in this area. You may even want to consider shoe inserts.