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Do children of congressional people go to college paid for by the taxpayers .. other than student loans or grants (under perks for congressmen/woman)

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Q: Do congressional children pay for college?
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What are limits on congressional pay?


Is there a bill to pay for veteran's children college?

yes but it depends on which collegde your going to.

I pay child support for my two children in college AS per my divorce agreement I pay for all college costs in full If the children are away at school shouldn't my child support be lowered?

Yes, because you pay for EVERYTHING. It's not like you don't pay for anything. Thank God there are men like you in this world.

Which amendment makes congressional pay raises effective during the term following their passage?

Congressional pay increase is found in Amendment 27.

The issue of congressional pay raises was addressed by who?

27th Amendment.

Can i be ordered to pay for college tuition for your children if you missed the court appearance?

An obligor who misses a court appearance might be ordered to pay for college tuition. If the obligee misses that appearance, it is unlikely that the court would enter such an order.

What document addressed the congressional pay raises?

The document that addressed congressional pay raises is the Federal Payment and Flexibility Act of 2019. This act established the framework for annual cost-of-living adjustments for Members of Congress, which effectively determines their pay raises. The purpose of the document was to ensure transparency and accountability in the process of determining congressional salaries.

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What is the source of congressional pay?

Members of Congress are paid out of the U.S. Treasury.American Government

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In 1789 but not ratified until 1992 what issue does the 27th Amendment address?

congressional pay