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They change with your position, but because of the distances involved, you have to move Light years for there to be much change.

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Q: Do constellations look the same when viewed from anywhere in space?
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What are the different star groups in space?

There are constellations, groups of stars or star clusters that look like an animal/person/thing.

Placements of constellations during seasons?

The different seasons correspond to different constellations. As Earth orbits the sun during the year, we look out at different parts of space and see different patterns of stars as they come into view.

Why do you look at constellations?

I think they are cool!

How is galaxies and constellations not alike?

one thing galaxy's have planets but not constellations another... constellations look like that the stars are close but the aren't

How does Australia look in size shape and surroundings when viewed from space?

See the link below. From this image, you can choose to zoom in .

Why are stars constellations?

Constellations are not stars. Groups of stars that look like they form various objects or shapes are called constellations.

What animals do the constellations look like?

All of the constellations look different. There are winged horses, foxes, birds, lions, bulls, rams, dogs, bears, etc...

How are stars grouped to make a constellations?

Stars are grouped to make a constellations because the way you look at it,it looks that way.

How do you find constellations?

you look in the sky on a clear night

What does the constellations Leo look like?

like a lion

Why do constellations always look the same?

They don't - they all look different. Why do you think they all look the same?

The stars in constellations are close together in space is true or false?

False. They appear to be together because they are all in the same direction as we look towards them, but many are very far away from each other.