Why are stars constellations?


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Stars are not constellations. A constellation is an area in the sky where stars are visible, usually in recognisable patterns. There are officially 88 constellations.

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Constellations are patterns of stars, so stars cannot be constellations.

Constellations are not stars. Groups of stars that look like they form various objects or shapes are called constellations.

constellations are group of stars

Circumpolar stars/constellations are stars/constellations that always stay in the sky; they never rise or set.

yes constellations are made up of stars!!!!!

No, constellations are imaginary patterns of stars.

Different stars make up different constellations...

No - they are made up of stars. As long as the stars are there, the constellations will be there too.

A group of stars. Constellations aren't actually connected stars.

No. Constellations are arrangements of stars that appear to form pictures.

Constellations are imaginary patterns in the sky formed by stars. As some stars burn out, new stars form.

Stars are visible at night. Constellations are simply groups of stars as seen from earth, and they are also visible at night.

Constellations are patterns of stars in the sky, if the constellations disappeared then all the stars would disappear, and there would be virtually no astronomy. :(

What is your question??

Stars are grouped to make a constellations because the way you look at it,it looks that way.

Constellations are stars that are linked together that form images.

Astronomers label the stars within constellations according to apparent magnitude.

one fact is that constellations are pictures in space formed by the stars.

None. Many stars make up constellations.

Patterns of stars are called constellations.

All stars belong to constellations

stars and constellations.

All of the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy are moving... however, we, in our lifetime, will never notice the constellations changing.

Earth's axis has zero effect on the stars and constellations. They aren't related in any way.

Constellations are stars put together, usually to form a ancient figure in the stars, a galaxy is much different, They have planets and in galaxies you can find constellations. Big difference

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