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they dont rly correct ur vision they are just like glasses, they help u see!

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Q: Do contacts help correct your vision better than glasses?
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Can contacts correct your vision?

Contacts are meant to correct your vision. They are supposed to have the same function as glasses without the inconvenience.

How can astigmatism be corrected?

you can correct astigmatism by wearing glasses or contacts which help to give better and clearer vision.

How do you make your vision better without getting glasses?

get contacts

Is the purpose of glasses or contacts to help correct your vision?

Not really. It does allow you to see as if you had good vision, but your it doesn't correct your eyes, it adjusts the light so it hits your eyes correctly. True correction for vision is surgery and that's not 100% -I have been told that without your glasses your eyes get worse . So wear your glasses/contacts and it can make your eyesight better . I'm sorry if this is wrong , that's what I have been told .

With Laser Vision surgery will glasses or contacts still be needed?

"After receiving Laser Vision surgery, glasses and contacts will no longer be needed. The reason is because the surgery fixes your eye sight so that it is 20/20 so that you will not need glasses or contacts for vision correcting purposes."

How do people have a better eye sight?

If they have vision problems, they wear glasses or contacts. If your vision is perfect, you possibly don't need them.

Can you increase your vision?

Yes glasses or contacts helps

What do lenses do to correct vision problems?

Glasses and contacts alter the angle of the light entering the cornea of the eye which changes the focal point to hopefully hit the retina correctly for a better vision. The shape of the lens is determined by factors such as the shape of the eyeball.

Is it true that your vision gets worse slower if you wear contacts rather than glasses?

I've actually found that my eyes had rapidly gotten worse with contacts whereas my vision has improved with glasses. I believe it really depends on if you get the correct contacts. My original eye doctor prescribed contacts that more or less strangled my eyes and prohibited them from receiving enough oxygen, this caused infections, scarring and more susceptibility to later infections. I love contacts but in my experience, they're better to be worn less than glasses if possible. If you can find a pair of glasses that you can feel comfortable in (and there's lots of cute styles now days) then you're probably better off. Then you can wear your contacts when you really wanna dress up or need them for athletic activities. :)

Does Zayn Malik wear contacts?

No because he doesn't need glasses/contacts to see. His vision is perfect.

How do you correct blurry vision?


Why do people get laser vision correction?

Many people get laser vision correction to see better. Laser vision help people to see much clearer, and better. And people would not have to wear glasses, or contacts anymore. And having better sight makes life a lot better.

How much is lasik vision and what are the benefits?

Lasik vision is eye surgery that changes the shape of your eye to improve vision. The major benefit is the freedom of no longer needing to wear eye glasses or use contacts. In fact, in most cases Lasik surgery will improve your vision better than eye glasses will.

Does eye glasses affect peripheral vision?

Yes, people with glasses have better peripheral vision.

If you wear glasses can you go into combat?

You can't go into combat if you wear glasses or contacts. You need to have 20/20 vision, and glasses and contacts, if lost or fallen and broken, would just hinder you in combat. You would need to have corrective laser eye surgery if you were to go into combat.

Why do you have to have glasses?

Sometimes there is something wrong with people's vision, or as they grow older their vision gets worse. Glasses are worn to correct vision, so people can see normally.

What can make your eye vision better?

Get glasses

Can you wear contacts in the navy?

Wearing contacts or glasses does not preclude military service. Your corrected vision needs to be good enough to pass the physical. And you may be required to wear glasses in boot camp.

Can you wear contacts and be in the navy?

Wearing contacts or glasses does not preclude military service. Your corrected vision needs to be good enough to pass the physical. And you may be required to wear glasses in boot camp.

Why some people wear glasses?

To correct a defect in their vision !

How do eye glasses correct vision?

By directing light (image) to the correct area of the eye.

Are mono vision contacts worth the time it takes to get used to them?

Yes, mono vision contacts are worth the time it takes to get used to them if you are tired of wearing glasses. These lenses are perfect for swimming and snorkeling as well.

Laser Eye Surgery?

form_title= Laser Eye Surgery form_header= Improve your vision with laser eye surgery. Do you wear contacts or glasses?*= () Contacts () Glasses () None Do you have dry eyes?*= () Yes () No Are you pregnant?*= () Yes () No

Do Contact lenses help slow degeneration of vision?

Contacts do not help slow the degeneration of vision as they provide the same purpose as eye-glasses. Stupid...

Where can I learn about the pros and cons of contact lenses?

Contacts are a great way for people to correct their vision without having to wear glasses. You can learn more about the pro's and con's at the website