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yes, to separate reproduction

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Do corn plants have two kinds of flowers on the same plant?

Yes they do

Is a corn a flowering plant?

All plants that set seed have had flowers therefore corn has a flower however insignificant.

Does corn make corn plants?

Corn is a plant.

Are peas corn and beans the flowers of plants?

no there legumes of plants

What is the food producing in plants?

you get many kinds of food from a producing plant like corn,carrots,all sorts of foods.

How does corn pollinate?

Corn bearing unisexual flowers pollinate by wind. The male flowers are produced at the top of the plant and the female flowers in leaf axil, somewhere at midlength of the plant. Male flowers of the plant mature first followed by female flowers. Thus cross pollination is ensured.

What are the separate male and female flowers on a corn plant?


What is a dry stem of a corn plant?

the dry stems of corn plants

Flower is a male or female?

Flowers can be male, female or both. If the flowers have male and female structures they are said to be perfect. Imperfect flowers have either male or female reproductive structures. If a plant has male and female flowers on one plant it is said to be monoecious (which means "one house"). Squash and corn plants are monoecious. If the male and female flowers are on separate plants, they are said to be dioecious (which means "two houses"). Hollies, kiwi and ginko plants are dioecious.

What is a hypothesis for how a corn plant is probably pollinated?

Corn plants are pollinated by the wind.

Is corn monoecious or dioecious?

Corn is monoecious, as each plant contains both male and female flowers.

What kinds of plants are grasses and grain crops such as corn and wheat?


Do pea plants grow faster then corn plants?

The answer is yes. I have 2 pea plants & 1 corn plant, and It seems that the peas win today's battle!

Where do corn plant store their energy?

Corn plants store energy (glucose) in their thick stems.

What plant makes corn?

Maize plants, Zea mays

What plants should you plant in July?

corn beans squash

Examples of an incomplete flower?

Imperfect flowers grow on one of two types of plants. Monoecious plants have both male and female blooms on one plant. Two examples of monoecious plants are the corn plant and the pecan tree. The second type of plant on which imperfect flowers grow is the dioecious. This type of plant is either male or female; different sexes of dioecious must therefore be planted close to each other in order to reproduce. Some examples of dioecious plants are the holly bush and pistachio tree.

Is ipomea bisexual flower?

Yes, Ipomea has bisexual flowers meaning that each flower contains both male and female reproductive parts. Not all flowers are bisexual. Some plants are monoecious and have separate male and female flowers. Corn, oaks and squash are examples of monoecious plants. Some plants are dioecious where each plant will have either all male or all female flowers. Holly, ginkgo and blueberries are examples of dioecious plants.

What kind of plants grow in South Dakota?

sweet corn, grapevines, flowers, and berries.

Are peas corn and beans flowers of plants?

No, they are the fruit/seed that grows after the bloom has died.

What is a corn tassel?

A corn tassel is the male flower of the corn plant. The tassel is a group of stemmy flowers that grow at the apex, or top, of the corn stalk. These tassels are shades of yellow, green and purple. Each corn plant will grow this tassel on top after the major growing of the plant is complete and when it is time for the ears of corn to begin growing.

A flower with male organs only?

These types of flowers are known as an imperfect flower with either fertile male or fertile female organs, but not both, on the same flower. Spruce, pines, ash and maples have imperfect flowers. Going further to complete the picture plants with imperfect flowers are either monoecious or dioecious. Monoecious plants have both male and female flowers on the same plant. That is, if you go to a particular monoecious plant you will find male flowers and you will also find female flowers. In contrast, dioecious plants have male and female flowers on separate plants. If you look at a particular dionecious plant, you will find either male flower or female flowers but not both. Corn, cucumber and other vines are monoecious; ash, maples, buffalo-berry, some junipers and aspargus are dioecious.

Can a corn plant bear fruits?

Plants bear fruit for_.

Will canned corn grow if you plant it?

No canned corn won't work. You need to get hard corn kernels from feed store, many kinds. good luck

How corn plants grow?

Multicellular organisms such as corn plants grow through the process of cell division of their constituent cells. This requires nutrients which for a corn plant come from the soil, the air, and photosynthesis.