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only if you breed two corn snakes

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Are corn snakes Viviparous?

no, corn snakes lay eggs.

Do corn snakes lay eggs or birth live?

yes corn snakes do lay eggs and they can have up to 40 eggs

Do corn snakes lay eggs?

This statement about all snakes lay eggs is incorrect. Actually there are a few species of snakes that do not lay eggs.. Example, my Columbian Boa's do not lay eggs.. My Boa gives birth to live baby snakes... A lot of snakes lay eggs, but no all of them. As for the Corn Snakes, Yes they do lay eggs. I have had several corn snakes, and they do lay eggs.

Does a male corn snake get a female corn snake pregnant?

Well corn snakes lay eggs so the snakes do breed but the female is carrying eggs all the male really does is fertilize the eggs.

Do corn snakes stay with their eggs?

No but they protect it

Can corn snakes lay eggs without male?

Yes. But it is not fertile.

How many eggs do corn snakes lay?

The amount of eggs a Corn snake will lay in any clutch can vary from four or five to up to 30.

Are all snakes hatched from eggs?

While all snakes are born from eggs, some species, such as garter snakes and rattlesnakes, incubate their eggs internally. The eggs hatch inside the mother and babies emerge as live young. These species are "ovoviviparous." Many other snakes, including corn snakes and pythons, lay eggs. These are "oviparous."

Where do corn snakes lay eggs?

corn snakes lay their eggs in their home or if you have them for pets they lay their eggs inside their hide

Do corn snakes care for their own eggs?

No, once the females has laid her eggs and buried them, they receive no care from the parents,

Are corn snakes poisen?

No corn snakes are not poisonous.

Do corn snakes have venom?

No. Corn snakes and other rat snakes are nonvenomous.

Are there corn snakes in Maine?

Corn snakes are generally found in corn grown

Are corn snakes venomous?

No they're not.No - Corn Snakes are constrictors.

Where are corn snakes from?

corn snakes are native to North America.

Are corn snakes poisinous?

Nope - Corn snakes are constrictors.

Do corn snakes hibernate?

No corn snakes dont hibernate but some other snakes do

Does any kind of snakes eat corn?

no snakes eat corn but there is a corn snake

Are there corn snakes in Australia?

No. Corn snakes are a North American species.

Can a corn snake have babies from a ratsnake?

Corn snakes are rat snakes

How do baby corn snakes come out?

The come out in eggs. If you are planning on expecting some, you should have already prepared: -an incubator - wet paper towels in a circular formed tuperwear that can fit two of the same sized snake that is laying the eggs into -lots of mice to fatten the female up after giving birth places to give the baby corn snakes to Good Luck, once again, IF you are breeding corn snakes :)

What is the food Diet for a corn snake?

hatchling corn snakes/ pinkies/ juv corn snakes fuzzeys and adult corn snakes /adult mice/ medium rats and chicks

Do corn snakes ever bite?

Corn snakes will bite if provoked but they are not venomous.

Are corn snakes born from an egg?

yes, Corn snakes are egg layers.

Are corn snakes poisionous?

No, Corn Snakes are a non-venomous type of snake.