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Q: Do cows eat fish
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Related questions

Do walruses eat cows?

No. Walruses eat plankton and small fish, NOT cows.

Do cows only eat grass goods plus have no inclination for meats etc?

Yes, cows eat grass and leaves; but do not eat meat and fish.

What animals do the Japanese eat?

Whales, dolphins, fish, cows.

What meat did the Vikings eat?

they ate fish and cows poartots

Why do bigger fish eat smaller fish?

Simply to nourish themselves, just like how Humans eat cows and chickens.

Do crocadliles eat fish?

They can but they usually eat mammals like zebra, horses, or cows.

What can a vegetarian eat?

Vegetarians can eat anything except animals, including cows, fish, and shrimp.

What kind of food do Inca eat?

The Incas ate fish cows feets

What farm animals do people eat?

cows, chickens, fish, pigs, etc

Are magpies and gulls scavengers that eat fish scraps?

gulls eats fish but magpies eat maggots of sheep or cows and crops like corn wheat barley

Why do sharks eat fish for?

Sharks eat fish because fish are lower on the food chain than them. We eat cows, pigs, etc. because of the same reasoning -- and that they provide adequate nutrition based on their diet compared to ours

How do cows eat pork?

Cows do not eat pork. Cows do not eat any meat. They eat grass and hay.

Do cows eat herbivores?

No, cows only eat vegetation. Cows are herbivores.

Do cows eat humans?

No, cows do not eat humans.

What do cows eat outside?

cows eat grass

Can cows eat nuts?

cows can eat nuts.

What kind of grain do dairy cows eat?

cows will eat any grain, but most cows eat corn

Did The Pioneers Eat Cows?

If Not They Would Never Eat Cows.

Why Indians do not eat cows?

The ones that don't eat cows.

Do pandas eat cows?

No, the cows are too big to eat.

Can cows eat candy?

yes cows can eat candy

What is the Greek's favorite meat?

COWS COWS COWS they eat cows.

What are some examples of animals that eat plants?

Many animals eat plants. Mammals (cows, deer, horses), fish, invertebrates (snails).

What are some examples of plants that eat animals?

Many animals eat plants. Mammals (cows, deer, horses), fish, invertebrates (snails).

What animals do cows eat?

Cows don't eat animals, they eat grass they are herbivores.