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Do cows have toes?

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Yes, they have two toes per foot or hoof, since they are cloven-hooved animals. They also have two dewclaws on the back of each foot, however these are usually not considered "toes."

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Why don't cows have toes?

They do, they're just not like your toes.

How many toes do cows have?


What animals have toes?

answer is cows,humans,monkeys

How many toes has a horse?

horses dont have toes they have a hoof. They are unlike cows that have 2 toes comming out of there hoof, they have 1 foot with no toes.

Are all hoofed animals odd toed?

no cows and others are hoved and they have two toes no cows and others are hoved and they have two toes No cows are hoofed and they are two toed Various hoofed mammals (Artiodactyla), including cattle, sheep, goats, deer, camels, and hippopotamus have an even number of toes, two or four, on each foot.

How many toes does a cow have?

Cows don't actually have toes. They have hoofs and each foot has two sections of hooves.

What do people in the alps do for a job?

well some scrape warts off cows heads, shoulders, knees, and toes, knees, and toes.

How are cow's feet and horses' feet different?

Cows feet are different from horses feet because a horses foot is solid across and a cows foot has toes or has a split in the middle.

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What is the difference between a horses foot and a cows foot?

The primary difference is that the horse's foot has only one round "toe" and the cow's foothas two cressent shaped "toes".

Toes toes toes toes toes. Fingers fingers fingers fingers fingers. What is 2 plus 2?


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The collective nouns for cows are:a drift of cowsa drove of cowsa herd of cowsa kine of cowsa mob of cows

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Do cows have feet?

Cows do have feet, but they are known as hooves. They are hard, like a horse's hoof, but are cloven, meaning that they are divided... like having two "toes." A cow's hoof has a hard, rubbery sole and a hard, outer covering of material like horn. They grow constantly and need to be worn off or trimmed.

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The collective nouns for a group of cows are:a herd of cowsa mob of cowsa drove of cowsa drift of cows

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The collective nouns for cows are:a drift of cowsa drove of cowsa flink of cows (12 or more)a herd of cowsa kine of cowsa mob of cows

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