Cows and Cattle

Do cows rock?

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Yeah Everyone Knows That

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Where can you find mini cows?

You can find mini cows in tacoma at a farm they cost a lot of money thought!!!!!!!!! BUT ITS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!! COWS ROCK!!!!!! I LUV YOU COWS!!!!!!!!

Dartmoo is formed from which rock?

fast cows

Is cheese a rock?

Cheese is not a rock. It is a dairy product that comes from mainly cows. Though some cheese comes from goats, cheddar and all of your daily cheeses come from cows.

What rock album had cows on the cover?

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

Where do you get the snake wrangler costume?

you get it from the girl in rock ridge after you find all 5 cows

What is a narrow body of water connected to 2 larger bodies of water called?

cows rock

Is cows a collective noun?

The collective nouns for cows are:a drift of cowsa drove of cowsa herd of cowsa kine of cowsa mob of cows

What is the Greek's favorite meat?

COWS COWS COWS they eat cows.

What is the collective noun of twelve cows?

The collective nouns for a group of cows are:a herd of cowsa mob of cowsa drove of cowsa drift of cows

What is a group of dairy cattle?

The collective nouns for cows are:a drift of cowsa drove of cowsa flink of cows (12 or more)a herd of cowsa kine of cowsa mob of cows

Why don't we drink milk from angus cows?

Angus cows are beef cows, not dairy cows. Holsteins are dairy cows, not beef cows, which is where we get the majority of our milk from.

Can you get salt from rock salt?

True "rock salt" is actually mineralised salt in "rock form" it is chunky like a rock yet in a crystaline form...often fed to cows as "mineral or rock" salt or lick...the animals know instinctivly to lick it because it gives the salt and minerals needed

Why do cows grow on trees?

Cows do not grow on trees. Cows come from other cows.

Are brown cows dairy cows?

Yes. Jersey cows are brown cows which are dairy cows, as are Brown Swiss. But not all brown cows are dairy cows, there are many brown cows that are beef cows, such as Gelbvieh, Simmental, Red Angus, Hereford, Red Brahman, to name a few.

What is the collective noun for 3 cows?

The collective noun for cows is a herd of cows, but you might call three cows a trio of cows.

Are all cows dairy cows?

There are more beef cows (for eating) than there are dairy cows.

How many miles from Leicester to Canada?

Cows cows cows.

What are moo cows?

"Moo cows" are, essentially, cows that moo.

What does the landwater and features like in Chile?

cows cows cows

What kind of cows are there?

There are, primarily, beef cows and dairy cows.

Do cows grow on trees?

No. Cows come from other cows.

Where is the ranch where you drop off the cows on wild west island?

The corral is just left of Rock Ridge, a few steps away.

How many cows in the UK?

24 cows oldgb 24 cows oldgb 24 cows oldgb

What are twelve cows called?

Twelve cows can be called a flink, a dozen head or a herd of cows.

How does rock music make a cow give less milk?

As mentioned in the related question below, rock music causes stress and anxiety for lactating cows. Cows have to be comfortable and relaxed as possible to produce maximum quantity of milk, and if they are not comfortable or relaxed, then they will not produce as much milk. Please see the related question below for more.