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Coyotes are called prairie wolves, and American jackal.

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The collective nouns for coyotes are:a band of coyotesa pack of coyotesa rout of coyotesa run of coyotesa train of coyotes

Example possessive phrases for the plural noun 'coyotes' are:the coyotes' packthe coyotes' pupsthe coyotes' preythe coyotes' habitat

Coyotes do not eat other coyotes. They live in packs, and they have to work together to survive.

coyotes can not burrow

Coyotes can have rabies.

No, you can not eat coyotes.

No, there are no coyotes in Riyadh.

Coyotes eat foxes. Coyotes are faster and bigger. Coyotes are their only predator.Cougars and coyotes kill foxes

whats colours are coyotes?

Yes, coyotes are canines.

No, there are some coyotes.

Yes there are coyotes in Missouri.

No, coyotes do not migrate.

Cardinals is the nickname of the Saint Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball team. Cowboys is the nickname of the Dallas Cowboys National Football League team. Coyotes is the nickname of the Phoenix Coyotes National Hockey League team.

Coyotes aren't endangered. Where did you hear that?

There are coyotes in that area.

Coyotes hate loud noises.

Baby coyotes are called pups.

No. Coyotes are canids. Cats are felines.

Coyotes are generally daiurnal.

Yes, coyotes will definitely eat.

Yes there are coyotes in Missouri

berries are good for animals. & coyotes like it,it taste good. coyotes are also carnivores.

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