Do crabeater seal eat emperor penguins?


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no only the leopard seal eats a penguin

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no, it is the opposite way, leopard seals eat emperor penguins

The crabeater seal's name originates from its teeth which are designed for filtering krill. Contrary to its name, the crabeater seal does not actually eat crab.

Diatoms are a type of single celled plankton. There are no seals that eat plankton. Seals eat fish, with the exception of a few types, such as the Crabeater, which eats krill, and the leopard seal, which eats penguins and seal pups.

Aquatic animals, such as, 'Krill, Fish and Squid'.

some antarctic seals eat squid but the crabeater seal does not

Most of the baby emperor penguins eat fishes as they three meals a day.

Emperor penguins eat Arcrtic fish and anything it fits in its' mouth.

Skuas eat baby Emperor penguins.

emperor penguins eat krill and other crusteacean

The enemy is most of the time the leopard seal. They are found to eat 80% of the crab-eater seal pups.

yes, penguins eat other stuff

Seal eat Squid, fish, penguins, and some eat other seals.

The seal species that preys on penguins for the most part is the leopard seal, Hydrurga leptonyx.

it is something they eat

they eat fish,krills and squid

Crabeater Seals eat:krillfishsquid

Most penguins eat about 1/10 of their body weight, so it depends on the size of the emperor penguin you are looking at.

They eat penguins,fish and Krill.

Crabeater seals are a small species of seal that lives in Antarctica. They make their home on floating ice sheets. They are the most abundant seal species in the world, with population estimates ranging from 7 to 75 million individuals. Despite their name, they don't eat crabs. Instead, they are filter feeders that eat krill.

an emperor penguin eats what all penguins eat.... fish! i learned that in school this year.

Emporer penguins can eat up to 20 fish per hour.;D

because predetor eat it.

the emperor penguins diet is carnovors they eat meat and live in Antarctica

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