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Do crushable straw hats really work?

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For keeping cool and sun protection, there is nothing better. It doesnt make the head sweat as much.

2008-01-16 00:50:14
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Why do Chinese people wear straw hats?

yes when they work in rice fields and other places

Is there a such hat that won't wreak your hair?

Not really. If your hair get frizzy after wearing a hat you can run your fingers through it but otherwise there isn't much you can do. something like a hat made out of silk might work. avoid polyester and wool. Straw hats could also work.

What has the author Lettice Sandford written?

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When is it ok to wear a black cowboy hat?

Traditionally, black should be worn after labor day. The same is true for a cowboy hat. As a general rule, I wear black in the fall and winter and straw in the spring or summer. I also wear straw when I am working outside or in the hot sun. Black hats are felt or beaver and you wouldn't want to use it as a work hat.

Can you drink out of a straw after you have dental work done?

Not if the dental work is wisdom teeth removal. Sucking on a straw will cause the stitches to come out and the incisions to start bleeding again.

How do you make a straw that won't work?

Sabotaging a StrawPutting one or more pinholes in the straw, above the level of the liquid, will allow air to enter the straw at the top, and the liquid will not rise in the straw. To use this "sabotaged straw", merely switch ends (flip it over) so that the pinholes go under the liquid.

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How does the last amount of liquid in a straw get into your mouth when the cup is empty and there is no more surface liquid for atmospheric pressure to work on forcing the liquid up the straw?

Air pressure within the straw.

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If you make hats you are?

If you make hats then you are a hatter and surely you will work in a millinery. On the other side a hatter not only makes hats but it also sells them.Also,they sew clothes and remake them too!

What do you call Job of making hats?

it is very progressed work

What type of clothing should an OBGYN wear to work?


What has the author Gordon Message written?

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How do you make a straw rocket work best?

it can go farther when its shorter

How do juice boxes work?

Stick it in and suck it. Even better insrtuctions Get it out of the fridge take the straw off the back unwrap the straw poke a hole in the Box Then u put the straw in the box then drink it Enjoy

Are you supose to wear perfume or colon in the work area and are you supose to wear outside hats in the work area?


Why will a straw not work on moon?

When you suck on a straw you generate low pressure, so that means the pressure outside the straw, by contrast is higher and so matter gets sucked into the straw. On the moon there is no atmosphere and so the pressure is zero. No matter how hard you try you cannot create a pressure of less than zero inside the straw and so no suction can occur.

Does shoe cleaner work on hats?

i would say no unless your hat is leather

Why are cars shaped weirdly?

actually, the first cars were build in the 1800s, and were origonally all tracters. who uses tractors? Farmers. Farmers used to work in hot weathers, and wore large straw hats. I know it's stupit, but to this day, designers couldn't be bothered to change the chape from the original. Please feel free to were as many large hats as possible - before someone realizes they are so weird, and makes them nicer...

When were flat brimmed hats invented?

Flat brimmed hats were invinted and work in the 14th century in England and were brought to the us by immagrents and were worn by the working class of men.

How does a straw work using Boyle's law relating to volume and pressure?

If you suck some air out of a straw, the remaining air in the straw will have to contract in volume in order to maintain the same pressure, which it will do because normal air pressure is still pressing on the liquid in which the straw is submerged. The contracting air will then draw up the liquid.

How does a straw work?

As you create a partial vacuum in the top part of the straw, the weight of the entire atmosphere above the glass applies a pressure of 15 PSI on the liquid surface. This pressure pushes the liquid up the straw until the pressure in the straw returns to 15 PSI too. If you keep creating the partial vacuum the air pressure will push the liquid all the way to the top of the straw and out.

Does a praying mantis have a jointed beak or a straw for sucking liquids?

neither they have mandibles witch work like tweezers in a side to side motion like this. ()

Name three occupations where hats are worn for safety?

Coal Mining Construction work