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Do dark cloths cause greater evaporation?

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indirectly. dark cloths absorb more light and heat and so get warmer which causes you to sweat and evaporate more sweat.

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Can evaporation take place in the dark?

Yes, evaporation can still take place in the dark.

Should you wear light or dark clothes on a cold day?

You should wear dark cloths, dark cloths will attract sunlight, and during winter you want to be as warm as possible.

What you wear in a rock band?

You would usually were dark cloths, or cloths symbolizing your band/the band you are seeing.

What type of cloths do Austrian wear?

they wear cloths that are dark blue, green, yellow but its long and ugly

Does evaporation cannot take place in the dark?

Yes, evaporation can take place in the dark, in fact evaporation can take place any place and anytime. It is the factors in the environment that helps speed up the process evaporation. Heat, area of exposed surface and agitation (such as stirring). Therefore evaporation can still take place in dark but only slower.

Is the evaporation line dark blue?

Yes it can be I guess just got back from the doctors and am not pregnant so there is a chance that the evaporation line can be dark blue.

Will a darker pool liner cause more water evaporation?

A dark pool liner might cause a very small increase in water evaporation, but nothing significant. The dark pool liner will raise the water temp a bit which, in turn, may increase the evaporation rate. But, the evaporation rate is much more dependent upon the air temperature and humidity than on the water temp, so the increase in water temp would only have a very small effect on the overall or net water evaporation rate. Hope this helps ... yes, it will, and it could be a significant increase.

What happens during the light and dark reaction?

They Evaporation

Does water always evaporate at the same rate in the dark in the light?

Evaporation depends on temperature. During the night evaporation is lowered.

Does color have effect on evaporation rate?

Dark colors absorb more light and therefore build up more heat, speeding evaporation.

What color cloths goes best with blue eyes?

According to painters the best color cloths to fit with blue eyes is orange but I would add black. ( some dark orange goes nicely)

Does the color of cloths you're wearing affect the amount of heat you absorb?

Yes, dark clothing absorbs the most.

Why do people who wear dark clothing in the summettime put themselves at a greater risk of heatstroke?

Dark clothing will absorb sun and heat. This can cause an excess of heat to radiate onto and in the body and increase risk of heat stroke.

What was the cause of Greeces Dark Ages?

The main cause of the Dark Ages was the Mycenaeans being conquered by the Dorians.

What is tonal contrast?

It is the difference between light and dark areas. A greater difference creates a greater impact.

What kind of washing detergent glows in the dark like Jeff hardy used?

It's not the deturgent it's paint he pout on his cloths.

Why is it cooler to wear light-colored clothes on a hot day than dark clothes?

The reason is that light-coloerd cloths reflect more heat and dark clothes absorb more heat.

Which is healthier white chocolate dark chocolate or light chocolate?

Dark chocolate cause dark chocolate is good for you heart

What effect does evaporation have on temperature?

Evaporation causes water to form as steam in the Earth's atmosphere, We call them "clouds" In the day time, Clouds protect from the suns heat, after dark, clouds hold the heat in. Therefore, evaporation causes cloud formation which causes more consistent temperature.

Are hot topic cloths gay?

clothes can not be "gay", they are not a living person, those clothes are often dark and pnk lookin, if your into that, than there you go.

What type of clothing holds in the heat?

dark cloths like colors like black and navy blue.tryin not to luagh but doesnt everyone know that?

Does dark chocolate cause cancer?


What are the conditions that cause bread to mold?

some ocnditions that cause bread to mold is light dark and more mostly light and dark.

What happened in 476 ad to cause the dark ages?

nothing happened to cause it realy its just that no one recorded anything that happened so historians call it the dark ages cause we were esentialy left in the dark for what happened in that time

What coluer is a ostrich egg?

dark purple cause i have owned one and it was dark purple

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