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Do deers hibernate or migrate during winter?

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They migrate.

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Q: Do deers hibernate or migrate during winter?
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Do white tail deers hibernate or migrate?

They do not hibernate or migrate. They stay in the same area year round.

Where do deers hibernate in the winter?

They don't. The reason for hunting is so that deer don't starve. There is limited amount of food in winter.

What animal lives in Quebec all year a round?

Bears, Wolves, Deers and caribou (but they hibernate in the winter, but they'll be still there)

Where do white tailed deers migrate to?

no where

How does a deer's body help it to surivive?

the deers use there hid to help them to surivive in the winter but they also dig around in the snow during the winter months to get the food that the need to surivive during the winter months

Where do deers go in the winter?

they go to the west

How do deers live in the winter?

No differently than they do in the summer.

What kind of animals migrate to or from the area where you live?

ducks, birds, butter flyes , and deers

What do deers do during the 4 seasons?

Roam the forests of Alberta

Why do hunters kill deers?

The reason they kill them is for food during deer season month. You can mostly find deers in the forest. They kill them for sport. It's a hobby for them.

Why do deers grow thicker hair in winter what sort of change is this?

It is a simple natural response to keep themselves warm.

What would deers do?

deer are deers and jump around like deers

Are white tailed deers hunted?

Yes they are but only during hunting season.

How do white-tailed deers adapt to winter?

the white tailed deer adapt to winter by going in to pine trees and grow more hair so they stay warmer.

Do deers show up in the summer?

Yes Additional info: The front bumper of my car says YES! The reason that deer are not seen on roads as much during the summer as they are during the winter is that there is much more food available to deer during the summer and they do not have to forage too far for food. During the winter when there isn't as much food available the deer take more chances and are found crossing more roads in search of food.

What is a deers job in a forest?

Deers do not have jobs

Do deers hibernate?

Deer species do not hibernate in any way. White-tailed deer 'yard up' which means they avoid deep snow by finding groves of evergreens such as hemlock trees that can hold up some of the snow, allowing them to walk better underneath. The deer don't eat very nutritiously during this lean peroid, but they do eat what browse is available, and add bark and othe lower nutrition foods to their diet. Mostly they rely on fat stores and move less. Often they lie in the sun on winter days on edges of woods to warm up, saving energy.

What are a black-tailed deers enemies?

Cougar, coyote, wild dogs, overpopulation, which destroys feed and water sources, winter

How deers interact with stuff?

The plural of deer is still deer with no S. Deer simply interact with their environment and because they do not hibernate, only react and don't plan ahead like a bear or groundhog does.

What kind of plants do deers eat?

deers are stupid

Who are the deers predators?

The deers predator is mainly the humans.

Why do deers have antler?

So that they can fight for the women deers.

How deers gets their food?

deers get they food by finding them

Is Rudolph a girl or a boy?

Rudolph dates a girl in the movie so HE is a boy or she is homosexual Improved answer:In the movie Rudolph dates a girl but scientificly Rudolph is a girl because male deers lose their antlers in the winter. but girl deer keep their's during winter. so scientificly speaking Rudolph is a girl.

What are fallow deers?

Fallow deers are a type of deer and the are herbivores.