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Do dogs get hay fever?

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Of Course!

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Does hay fever necessarily mean the fever contains hay?

No, but it can be caused by hay.

What is the medical term meaning hay fever?

hay fever

Does Aston Merrygold have hay fever?

He does have hay fever, but it isn't that bad.

What is the correct spelling of hay fever?

The correct spelling is hay fever

Feel like have fever but no fever?

Hay fever

Can you take a paracetamol for hay fever?

No. Hay fever isn't a disease, and it usually won't cause a fever - so paracetamol won't help. hay fever is an allergy, and what helps with allergies are antihistamines.

Can you die from hay fever?

No, because hay fever is just another cold but from allergies.

Did John Wayne have hay fever?

There is no evidence that John Wayne suffered from hay fever.

How do you prevent hay fever?

The way to prevent hay fever is to avoid pollen! What else?

Is hay fever sexually transmitted?

Hay fever is not sexually transmitted. It is not a contagious condition.

Can you catch someones hay-fever from saliva?

Hay fever is a type of allergies and is not contagious

What microbe causes hay fever?

Hay Fever is an allergic reaction to an allergen. In the case of Hay Fever, specifically a pollen. It's an auto immune condition and not related to a microbe.

Can you die from chronic hayfever?

No you can not die from hay fever you can die of many other things but not hay fever.

Role of pollen grains in hay fever?

Hay fever is caused due to allergy with pollen grains .

How do you treat hay fever?

Take away all the hay

How contagious is hay fever among children?

Hay fever is not contagious at all. Hay fever is an allergic reaction. Sufferers usually experience it in the spring, as a result of the newly sprung plants (and resulting pollens.)

What are the causes of hay fever allergy?

Allergies from hay fever can have a number of different environmental causes. Hay fever can result as an allergic reaction to tree pollen, grass pollen, spores, fungi, and mold.

Is hey fever contagious?

No i have hay fever and it isn't contagious

What is a two word phrase that ends with fever?

hay fever

Can hay fever be treated with antibiotics?

Antibiotics are used to treat different types of infections. Hay Fever is not an infection or bacteria, it is an allergy. Hay Fever can cause infections in the eyes due rubbing them to much because they it.

When does flower pollen cause hay fever?

I think flower pollen causes hay fever in the summer monts of the year.

Can hay fever be prevented?

There is no known way to prevent development of hay fever, but subsequent attacks may be reduced or prevented.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hay Fever - 1920?

The cast of Hay Fever - 1920 includes: Alfred Hewston

How many syllables does hay fever have?

Hay - fev - er ------> 3

Can cats get hay fever?

Every living thing can get hay feaver