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Do dogs have good lives?


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Dogs that end up with caring and responsible owners probably have good lives. Dogs ending up with ignorant and careless owners can have a horrible time.

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well dogs have saved peoples lives by being police dogs or firefighter dogs and being peoples eyes too. also they may look up to their owners so cencerly that if they're in a desprite situation they may save their lives risking thir own. dogs will do anything for a good owner.

Lives of the Monster Dogs was created in 1997.

there is no such thing as bad dog. All dogs can be good, but some are better suited to different lives. e.g. dalmations are not good dogs for children. some dogs can react badly to people because of cruel or disturbihg pasts.

No dogs do not have 9 lives the whole 9 lives for dogs in a dogs purpose is just a little spice to add to the movie cats and dogs have 1 life.

he's the boy who lives with the dogs in the shed and is good friends with kay....

all dogs that are good dogs if there trained to be a good dog

There have been a great number of dogs that have saved lives. This number is well into the hundreds and thousands.

A dog usually lives for about 18 years!

The pond wat is the name of the dogs in u.s.

Dogs save millions of lives thanks to their sense of sight, smell, fast movement, and their relationship with man

Small dogs do tend to have a longer lifespan than larger dogs. Small dogs tend to live until they are between 12-15 years; large dogs tend to live to between 8-11 years old depending on the breed of the dog.These numbers are average; big dogs can live long lives far into their teens with good healthcare and good breeding. Big dogs tend to live relatively short lives due to the development of osteoarthritis and other weight related problems

domisticated dogs save lives but dogs that live in the wild or dogs infected with rabbies can be held responsible for death in some countries but a healthy dog is never a threat to humans

Maltipoo dogs are very friendly they are good with children and adults they love people and do not shed. So yes, maltipoo dogs are very good dogs.

No, chips are not good for dogs.

no it is not ever good for dogs to eat.

Its good for some dogs mainly young dogs not old dogs i think

Not all Dogs make good guard dogs some little dogs are good at guarding go to animal planet to find out more good guard dogs

1. Most of them are friendly and are good with kids 2. Dogs are smart and have good memory and obey their owners (with practice) 3. Dogs make good protectors (watch dogs, guard dogs)

there might be a couple dogs but I think they are big kinds but I think a golden retiver lives 18 years.that is the longest dogs can live

No, but they are good sled dogs.

It is generally not good for dogs.

Dog's milk is good for baby dogs. Cow's milk is bad for dogs.

boxers are good dogs because they hardly bark and they make good campanions. so are rottwierlers because they cnan be good guard dogs.

in trees (there not dogs check the catogories)

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