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most people think dogs only see in black and white. this isn't true. they can see some colors, but not in the same way a human can. they can't distinguish between yellow, orange, green, and red, but they're good (better than humans) at telling apart shades of blues and purples. so yes, they can see colors, just not the same way you and i can.

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Q: Do dogs see any other colors?
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Can yellow labs see in color?

Labradors or any other dogs can see some colors but not all. As humans we see many more colors than dogs. Dogs can see colors like blue, light blue, gray, light yellow, darker yellow and very dark gray. So to answer the question, dogs can see colors, but not as many as we can.

What are the colors that dogs see?

Dogs are red-green colour-blind, like many humans. They can see other colours.

What kind of dogs can see colors?

Dogs are not color blind, but they have a limited spectrum of colors that they can see.

What colors do dogs not see?

Dogs see in black and white.

Percentages of dogs colors that they can see?

hijust to let you know all dogs can see colors

Can dogs see all colours?

No dogs can not see all colors

Why dogs can't see in black and white?

Dogs do see black and white. And some other colors too. Only not as well as humans.

What colors can dog see?

Dogs can see four different kinds of colors.

Are dogs color blind if not what colors can they see?

Dogs are not color blind. Many people believe that dogs can only see the colors black and white; it is a fallacy. In truth, dogs see colors differently than we so. For example, they might see the color blue as yellow.

Do dogs see colors on the TV?

No, they do not.

Do dogs see all the colors?


What colors can dogs see best?

well i heard that dogs can see yellow,blue,red, hot pink, but some dogs can be more able to see even more colors!!

Do dogs see colors?

Yes, they see colors. But only shades of green and yellow.

Do dogs see all colors like whight black red blue green?

Dogs can only see colors as black and white.

What color do Maltese dog see?

Maltese dogs see in muted shades of the vibrant colors humans see. Grey-ish tones are most commonly seen for a Maltese, however colors such as dark red and dark green are seen clearest / more vibrantly than other colors Maltese see. Same goes for most if not all other breeds of dogs.

Do dog's see color?

yes,dogs do see colors.

Do cats see black and white like dogs?

It depends on what your question is. Cats do not see only black and white, but they do see black and white, as well as other colors(though the colors are blurry :/)

What colors do dogs see?

Black and White

What colors do black labs see?

Black and white just like all the other kinds of dogs.

What kinds of colors do dogs see?

Black and White

Do German shepherd dogs see colors?


Can dogs see in coler?

only some colors!

Name two colours that a dog cannot see?

Dogs are color blind, they cannot see any colors, however, there's a theory that if dogs have certain colored eyes like blue, then they can see in color

Can dogs only see black grey and white?

They can see mild colors, like the colors wouldn't be as vivid

Why can't dogs see green from yellow?

It is believed they see no colors(black and white). And so they would not see either of these colors.