Do ducks like to eat children?

yes they eat at least two a day mabye even 50 a day

I don't know how you would like me to answer this question

Literally, ducks don't eat children, and you were probably just bored asking this question

But have you ever eaten a chocolate duck or a duck animal cracker? Maybe they like their food to be in the shape of humans. But it is no insult, because we not only eat animal shaped crackers, but the animals themselves. Have ever really seen a duck eat a child in the real world? I doubt it. But they really bite people if they are angry to protect themselves, just like we would put ourselves in defense mode if we thought we were in any type of danger.

Now let me not get off the subject.

A good question to ask would be, what do ducks eat? I'm curious about that, too.

If you think ducks eat children, it must be a serious irrational fear. You should go to a counselor to discuss your problems.

Hope I could be of some assistants to you.

However, they do bite, and that is close to trying to eat. Like me, who got a piece of leg bitten off by a mutant (I swear that thing was part duck, but who knows what else it was!) and it hurt!

rawr... im a lion duck rabbit mutant hamster..