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No, tornadoes are caused by thunderstorms.

Tornadoes and earthquakes are completely unrelated.

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No. Moving plates cause most earthquakes but have absolutely nothing to do with tornadoes. Tornadoes are caused by strong thunderstorms.

No they do not. Landslides can be caused by rain, earthquakes, and volcanic activity, but not by tornadoes.

They cannot be assessed categorically. Some tornadoes and some earthquakes cause massive destruction, while others cause little or no damage. However, in the worst cases, earthquakes are more destructive.

No. The movement of Earth's plates can cause earthquakes and tsunamis but is completely unrelated tornadoes. Tornadoes are produced by severe thunderstorms.

No. Fracking can cause earthquakes if the fluid gets into faults. Tornadoes are caused by thunderstorms, which are not affected by fracking in any way.

Florida is very prone to both tornadoes and hurricanes. Earthquakes in Florida are very rare, and rarely cause even minor damage.

There is no relationship between tornadoes and earthquakes.

Tornadoes can cause some minor ground vibrations that have been picked up by seismometers, but these vibrations are too small to cause damage or even be felt.

No. Tornadoes are produced by thunderstorms. They have absolutely nothing to do with earthquakes.

Earthquakes are possible in Chicago, but it is unlikely that any would be strong enough to cause damage. Tornadoes, though are quite possible in Chicago and have hit the city before.

Both are natural disasters that release large amounts of energy and cause varying amounts of damage. Other than that they are completely different.

Tornadoes cannot cause earthquakes per se, nor are they caused by earthquakes. Tornadoes do produce some ground vibrations, but these are very mild and cannot even be felt by people.

Yes Mexico does have earthquakes and tornadoes because that is just so like that

No. Earthquakes and tornadoes are caused by processes that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

hurricanes cause more damage they can also cause earthquakes and tsunamis

Yes. Most areas of the world can get tornadoes and at least small earthquakes.

No. Tornadoes can cause mild ground vibrations, enough to register on a seismograph, but not enough to be felt, but one would hardly call that an earthquake. Tornadoes are caused by severe thunderstorms. Earthquakes are caused by movement in Earth's crust. Such forces are completely unrelated.

No. Tsunamis are a consequence of underwater earthquakes or landslides. Tornadoes can occasionally cause wave-like surges on small lakes, but they are more akin to storm surges than tsunamis.

Yes. Colorado has recorded tornadoes as strong as F3 and earthquakes as strong as magnitude 6.6.

There are so many things that can cause disaster. Tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and droughts can all cause disasters in the world.

First, how they cause damage is different. Tornadoes cause damage with extreme winds and flying debris. Earthquakes cause damage by shaking buildings and deforming the ground beneath them. Weaker tornadoes cause damage almost exclusively to the outside of a building. Siding and roof material can be stripped away, gutters and awnings taken down, and windows broken. Stronger tornadoes can tear away roofs and walls and scatter some of the debris downwind. When houses are leveled by very strong tornadoes even greater amounts of debris are scattered. The very strongest of tornadoes blow houses away, leaving behind a bare foundation. In a sense tornadoes destroy buildings from the top down and from the outside in. Minor earthquakes can crack walls and cause loose objects to fall. Stronger earthquakes can lead to the partial collapse of many buildings. Very strong earthquakes will level most buildings, but the debris mostly stays on the foundation. Since earthquakes originate underground they easily cause damage to a building's foundation. Damage to the foundation is rare in tornadoes.

No, tornadoes and earthquakes are unrelated phenomena.

Earthquakes do. So far in the twenty-first century, tornadoes have killed hundreds of people. Earthquakes have killed hundreds of thousands.

It depends as both earthquakes and tornadoes vary greatly in severity. Most earthquakes are so weak that the can't even be felt, only detected by sensitive instruments. Some tornado will cause little or no damage. However, the worst earthquakes are more destuctive than the worst tornadoes, as they can cause much more widespread damage.

yes my country does have have Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Hurricanes