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im doing a research on a elephant and ive learned a lot this is for 4rth grade and i got this asingned animal elephants do not like peanuts its is not true people just lie because they hate peanuts dominique 10 year old

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Do African elephants like peanuts?

Yeah they love peanuts like all elephants

How do elephants crack open peanuts?

Elephants don't crack open peanuts, first off. Elephants eat hay, grass, and leaves, not peanuts. People in the circus used to train elephants to hid the peanuts in their trunks, but they don't eat the peanuts.

Do elephants eat peanuts?

IMO no, i had an assignment and all wesites show proof that elephants dont it peanuts... you can type "do elephants eat peanuts" on google if you want.

What do elephants love?

Elephants love peanuts!

Do peanuts come out of elephants?

No, peanuts are plants, they come out of the ground!!! How could you not know this? I mean like really...why is this even in here?!?!?

Are elephants alerigect to peanuts?


What kind of peanuts do elephants eat?

The truth is, peanuts are not an elephants favorite food. It's a lame cartoon idea. Elephants may eat peanuts, but in the wild, they ussually eat leaves.

Do elephants like eating peanuts?

yes, they love that. That is their favorite food to eat.

What animal eats peanuts?

elephants. Especially mother elephants.

Do elephants reall eat peanuts?

Yes they really eat peanuts.

Do monkeys like peanuts more than elephants?

i like bacon and i don't know this question is undecided

Are peanuts healthy for elephants?


What is the main treat to elephants?


Can Elephants swallow peanuts?

Of course they can...

What do elephants eat that starts with p?


Do elephants eat circus peanuts?

yes, they eat any type of peanuts... i think

What do elephants do in the winter?

They fill up on peanuts and hibernate.

What is an elephants favorite snack?

peanuts or you can ask a zookeeper

Why are elephants poor adaptors in the environment?

cause they get paid in peanuts

What do elephant enjoy?

elephants enjoy people peanuts and swimming

How often do you feed an elephant?

Usually, 3 times a day with large portions. Elephants like eating peanuts, by the way.

How big is an elephants butt cheak?

Humongous, but it also has a big peanuts

What is an elephants best hobby?

Eat peanuts.... lol and wash themselfs.....

What kind of food do elephants eat?

They are herbivores, they eat plants.Fruits and Peanuts.

Do mother elephants eat peanuts?

Yes. The mother elephant has more weight on her.

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