Do elf on the selfs drink anything?

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How jamaicans survive?

By selling their clothes to feed them selfs you have to drink water

What does a elf eat?

Anything sweet.

What soda does Buddy drink in the movie Elf?


What kinds of things do they do on Saint Patrick's Day?

Americans they drink and paint their selfs green Ireland they drink every wear eles they do nothing

Can Al Dauth be an elf?

If he truly wants to be. Anything your heart desires you can have. Anything is possible.

Where do crabs live salt water or fresh water?

They wash them selfs in salt but like to drink fresh water

Does ducks like to drink water?

yes! water is one of the main things the ducks like to drink. they like it beacuse in the summer they slash it on them selfs to keep cool

What do Santa's elves eat beside cookies?

They sometimes drink milk. This all depends on what the elf likes. I know an elf how likes almonds.

What is it when you can't eat anything or drink anything?

fasting you do it for church to get a blessing you cant eat or drink you can only drink water.

What so seals drink?

Nothing! adults do not drink anything but babies nurse. Adults do not drink anything because they get that nutrition from their food.

What do they drink in France?

pretty much anything that we would drink. Wine, Water, Juice.... anything

What toys can you get your elf on the shelf?

Anything they will use it for something we gave it a reindeer and it loves it

What do girl elf on the shelves eat?

almost anything........exept for the picky ones.

What do birds drink out of?

I think they will drink out of anything that has water in it...!

What do Koreans drink?

they will drink anything especial water

What happens if a cat touches a elf on the shelf?

Animals can contact the magical world without disturbing the elf magic as humans do. Animals have a sense for magic that allows this.

How do chameleons wash them selfs?

they lick them selfs and monkeys wash each other fur

Do monkeys drink anything?

water and milk...They drink water.

Do woodlice drink anything?

i dont know! but they drink water

What drink s can i drink to make my blood thinner?


How does the time of the day have anything to do with when you drink alchool?

it doesnt have anything to do with that

What does an elf on the shelf eat?

I know they like to eat crackers and they drink water and milk. I hope this is helpful

What can be a chanukah drink?

There is no traditional drink for Chanukah. You can drink anything you want, as long as it's not poison.

Do worms drink anything?

They drink water that is absorbed through their skin.

How do you make a drink refreshing?

play a challenging sport then drink anything