Do emperor scorpions eat baby scorpions?

I have an emperor scorpion that had babies and for what im seeing they do not. I leave them alone because I dont know taking them out incase of that reason will cause the scorpions to die. But I had mine off the back for at least 2 weeks and nothing happened. So, most likely not. I could be wrong though.
Actually the moms will take care of their babies until they get big enough to defend themselves,but if one stays on his mom's back for to long then the mom will eat him.

Hi. I'm Jeremy. I wanted to comment on this as my scorpion just had babies about eight hours ago and she has eaten 2 of the 4. i think it could be because i stressed her out a bit. I had no idea she was pregnant so I was excited and kind of moved her hideout around to look at the babies. I came back a little later and could only find 2 and one in her mouth. Now, I feed both of my scorpions regularly and they are quite big but I do not count this as hunger.

Just a few minutes ago, I decided to move the larger male and separate them in the tank. One of her babies fell off her back in the move and she immediately stressed and snatched it in her claws and tried to eat it but she was still eating the other one. So i was able to knock this one out of her claw and save it. So this wasn't hunger it was stress related. She only snatches stuff like that if its aggravating her and crawling on her, etc.

So i would assume the answer would be different depending on if your scorpion is giving birth alone without others in the tank and whether she has absolute peace and quiet. The more safe she feels the better off the babies will be.