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Maybe, but it won't stunt your growth

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โˆ™ 2009-12-24 13:19:18
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Q: Do energy drinks stunt the penis growth?
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How do energy drinks stunt your growth?


What bad effects can energy drinks have on you?

stunt growth, heart problems etc

Does marijuana delay the growth of your penis or stunt the growth?

Marijuana use does not affect the growth of your penis.

Can steroids stunt growth?

no it cannot stunt your growth but it does affect the size of your breasts or penis.

Will wearing diapers stunt penis growth?

no. but it will stunt your dignity.

Does lifting weights stunt the growth of your penis?


Does your penis stop growing if you stunt your growth?


Does circumcision stunt your penis growth?

Circumcision has no effect on the growth of your penis, or any other part of your body.

Will smoking cigareetes stunt penis growth in teens?


Does smoking cigarettes stunt your penis size if you started when you were 2?

It Stunts the growth of everything .

Can Monster Energy Stunt Your Growth?

yes, especially the bits below!

What are some things that stunt your penis growth?

it is genetic. what ya got is what ya got.

Can being born premature stunt penis growth?

your pini is so small no one can see so whats the point

Does marijuanna stunt your growth?

Yes, marijuanna does stunt your growth.

Does a lot of streching like in football stunt the growth of your penis?

Not at all! Stretching helps make sure you do not pull any muscles when playing sports or engaging in strenuous activity. The growth of the penis has nothing to do with streches. Just make sure you keep your penis protected when playing!

Does deodorant stunt growth?

No it doesn't stunt physical growth but there are deodorants out there that stunt hair growth. Sure and Dove and hair minimising roll-ons and sprays.

Im13 and wondering can lifting weights stunt your growth?

i dont think it will stunt your growth.

Does caffeine in general stunt growth?

no, it does not. it is thought to, but it won't stunt your growth! it is still not good for you.

Does swimming stunt your growth?

doe swimming stunt peoples growth \

Lifting how many pounds would stunt a teenager's growth?

Weight Lifting Does Not Stunt Growth.

Does drinking soy milk stunt growth?

There is no scientific reason for soy milk to stunt your growth.

How do teens stunt their growth?

teens stunt their growth by working out to much, or drinking to much coffee

Does working out stun your growth?

over strength training has proven to stunt growth and some supplements (steroids) also can stunt growth

Does weight vests stunt your growth?

Weight vests will not stunt your growth. A person's growth in all internal and it does not matter what types of items they have on them.

Does masterbrate stunt growth?

Nope - masturbation does not stunt your growth !

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