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Yes and no. They wings may shrivel and fall off. Or the wings may turn demonic and resemble bat wings. Do not hate bats because of this similarity.\


The term "Wings" when refering to angels is but a symbolic term. It sugests the power to move from one place to another. The Bible talks about cherubims having wings but this only refers to the protection cherubims can give. It also says "I will bare thee up on eagles wings" Again sugestiing the power of movememnt from one place to another. I am sorry but angels do not have wings.

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Q: Do fallen angels lose their wings?
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Do fallen angels get their wings stripped?

There are no canonized scripture describing fallen angels wings being stripped away. This is only subjective supposition.

Were the fallen angel's wings striped from their bodies?

Is this a question or a statement? Angels never loose their wings. Because even fallen angels can appear as an angel of light.

Is the fallen angel move the angels wings?

Not an answer, just a clarification. I don't understand the question. It's not clear.rephrase?AnswerAngels, fallen or not do not have wings. The term Wings is symbolic to mean that they can travel whenever they like, or are commanded to go. Thetre is still much we have to learn about the next life and the conditiones under which we will live.AnswerDifferent angels and types of angels seraphim/cherubim etc all have different numbers and types of wings.

Do Fallen Angels Have Upside Down 'V' Scars?

yes they do because once ripped of there wings the ^ shape is left

Is there a meaning to why some angel wings point up and why some point down?

Angel wings that point up represent God's angels, and those that point down represent fallen angels like Lucifer.

What is the climax of the story fallen angels?

what is the climax of the book fallen angels

What do fallen angels hate?

the fallen angels hate is " to do good and do the commandments of GOD, and because fallen angels like Satan they are the author of lies.

How many fallen angels are there?

The Bible never gives a count either of the fallen or the faithful angels.

Who do fallen angels answer to?

Strictly Bible speaking, Fallen Angels answer to Lucifer, who in the Bible is considered the first Fallen Angel.

What kind of scars do fallen angels have?

It is said that the fallen angels have a upside down V on their backs it is said that the first fallen angels where protectors of Adam and Eve but then they became greedy so they sined and as a punishment there wings were riped off so that left the upside down V on there backs (another answer) There is no scripture to support this "old wives tale".

Who are the good angels?

The good angels are all angels that have not fallen.

Why do some angels have black wings and others have white?

When an angel has black wings, it means that they are a "fallen angel". A fallen angel is an angel who has been exiled or banished from their realm. This makes them the "anti-angel". An angel with white wings is the opposite - they are the "good" and pure angels. :D Edit- many images of "fallen angels" portray them with leathery bat-like wings as opposed to feathered bird-like ones. Frequently you will find that black feathered wings denote an Archangel of death (Azrael or Michael for example), not fallen in the mythology at all- in fact they were created first, and are given the job requiring the greatest trust. The equation of white with purity and goodness is maybe a little flawed- it was after all used as an excuse for the maintenance of slavery ;)

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