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Both male and female goats have beards

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Why do goats have beards?

ANSWER Why do you have freckles? Why do you have brown hair? All goats don't have beards, just like all goats don't have horns. GENETICS

Why do some goats have beards and some don't?

Any goat can have a beard. It really doesn't make a difference where they come from. They are just born with the beard and they keep it their entire life. Both females and males can have beards.

Why do some goats have beards?

It's just how their hair grows.the answer is that its just the breed of that goat

To female african elephants have tusks?

Yes, they have tusks just like the males.

Do you have to be female to be pregnant?

Yes. Males just don't have the required body parts.

Animal with a beard?

Some dog breeds have 'beards' as do goats and some antelope species. The Bearded Dragon doesn't exactly have a beard as such - just a dark patch of scales underneath the lower jaw.

Does a male bunny eat more than a female bunny?

No, the males should eat the same amount of food as the female. The males just grow up to be larger!! | I hope I helped!

Are female dogs better than males?

There is no right or wrong answer. Its just ones opinion.

How do know if penguins are female or male?

Some species, the males have a colored crest on their heads. Mostly, just by size, the males being larger .

Which are more likely to talk between a male and female Cockateils?

Males definitely. The female cockateil is just lucky if she starts to tweet.

What is the adult female of a rabbit?

Females are called does and the males are called bucks. Just like deer.

Are Giraffes Male or Female?

Just like all mammals, some are males, some are females.Giraffes can be either female or male but not both.

What do you call a female panther?

A female panther is called a she-panther. Males are just referred to as panthers. A baby panther is called a cub-panther.

Which is harder to raise a female or male shiba inu?

Well, males like to mark their territory. I would say males. I have both, you just have to train them young. :)

Is a female allowed to date a younger boy?

females can date younger males just as males can date younger females but it all depends on their parents and how young they are

How do polar bears attract a mate?

Male polar bears usually fight with other males to prove to the female that he is the strongest. Then the female will have her pick of the males. Polar bears do not have just one mate. They will have a few over there lifespan.

How long does female sperm survive?

Only males have sperm. The liquid that squirts out of Vaginas is just fluid.

What is a female whale called?

The females are cows, the males are bulls and the young are calves. Just like cattle.

What fish can live with female Betta fish?

Gouramis and other betta fish--just not two males

What is a male and female lynx called?

Males are "toms", females are called "queens", just as in house cats.

What is a name of a male crab?

Male crabs are just called "males", and female crabs are "females".

What is a female tom-cat called?

Tom is only for males. Females can be called queens, but usually people just say a female or a she-cat.

Why do tortoises bite other tortoises?

It is quite common for a male to be biting a female in order to try and force the female into mating. Also, males bite to deter other males from stealing mates, or sometimes, just natural instincts.

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