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All kittens are born with nipples. Even boy cats have nipples. They have 8 -- 4 on each side of the belly.

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Because kittens bite on the nipple and their rough tounges lick it therefore making the nipple sore. what can i do to comfort her if my female cats nipples are sore can i put vasaline on it

Of course, how would they feed their kittens? Male cats have nipples too just like other male mammals.

yes, all male mammals have nipples.

That she is or was suckling kittens.

Yes, all female raccoons have nipples.

Because kittens just have an instinct to suckle, if a kitten lacks milk it will suckle basicaly anyhing, even your arm.

Uhm... The female cat gave birth to the kittens. If you are wondering about how the female cat had kittens, google it! Google will answer your question!

Usually the queen will have about 6 nipples ready when she has her kittens. 4 to 6 kittens are the average litter. Momma cats are for the most part very good mothers. Make sure she has plenty of food, preferably the kitten formula for the protein and vitamins needed for the kittens. Whatever food is left after the kittens are weaned can be used by the kittens. Good luck,

No. Cats are born with a particular number of nipples. They will not grow new ones when they give birth.

Well they're nipples are bigger than usual. and they have kittens running around them! JK on the second one

Every kitten has 8 nipples. This includes every boy kitty. Boy kitty nipples do not grow as big, and can never produce milk.

as many as she has nipples is a conservative estimate

Yes, but they're called teats, not nipples.

All mammals have nipples, male and female.

A female cat can go into heat as early as she's had the kittens, or later when the kittens are being weaned.

Female cats have the same amount of Nipples as Male cats do, They have 8 nipples they may not be easy to find expecially on a furry cat.

Answer: NoAnswer:Actually, male cats can indeed have nipples! They do not function or produce milk, just like male humans have nipples but are void of any use. Many male mammals have been found to have nipples.

Kittens drink milk, and the females will need their supply of milk for the kittens on their way.

Approximately 38 nipples are on a female Elephant. It varies between their race and religion.

female cats on adverage have 1 - 8 kittens in one litter. but the largest know litter with all the kittens surviving is 14. but 1 - 8 kittens is just an adverage.

Same place the nipples on a female cat are.

Yes they can have 11 nipples only if they are deformed.

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