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Yes, fennec foxes live in the Sahara.


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Fennec foxes live in the deserts of Africa.

The fennec fox or fennec is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa.

As hibernation means sleeping for the winter, it is unlikely. Fennec foxes live in the deserts of North Africa.

No, fennec foxes are natives of the Sahara and do not live in France.

They survive because they are good

Fennec foxes live in Northern Africa and in some parts of the Sahara desert.

It is a misspelling of fennec foxes, which are small, nocturnal (awake at night) foxes that live in deserts. They are omnivores (they will eat whatever is available, similiar to fish, raccoons, and hungry teenagers)and range from a cream-like color to light brown. The most distinguishing feature of fennec foxes are it's huge ears.

The fennec foxes live in a desert ecosystem in the Sahara of northern Africa.

There are a number of foxes that live in deserts around the world. The Sahara has the fennec, the North American Deserts have the gray fox, the kit fox and, to a lesser extent, the red fox. South America has the Atacama fox.Yes.

No, fennec foxes are from Africa.

No, fennec foxes are from Africa.

No, fennec foxes are from Africa.

Fennec Foxes live in the Sahara desert in Africa. They are also present elsewhere in Africa. Fennec Foxes are the smallest foxes in the world, but they have very big ears.

A fennec foxes habitat is in the desert. yes

No, fennec foxes are not endangered.

No, fennec foxes are omnivores.

Fennec Foxes live in deserts and semi-deserts, found in arid, sandy regions. They dig with great speed to construct intricate burrows which intersect forming a cozy underground community. Their burrows are lined with soft materials such as bits of fur, feathers, and need little vegetation to help strengthen, line, and help them to be comfortable when they sleep.

Fennec foxes live in the Sahara desert, the Arabian Peninsula, and semiarid or dry places.

Desert foxes, also known as Fennec foxes, live in the Sahara desert.

where do fennec foxes find water

Fennec foxes are a light beige in color.

Fennec foxes are adorable.

Yes, fennec foxes mate for life.

no fennec foxes can only have some white on their fur.

Fennec foxes are found in the Sahara in northern Africa.

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