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Do ferns and mosses reproduce by spores or seeds?


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I believe mosses and ferns release spores that become other mosses and ferns later on.

Mosses and Ferns both reproduce using spores instead of seeds or flowers. Mosses and Ferns are both plants. Mosses and Ferns are both made up of cells. Mosses and Ferns both photosynthesize.

No. Ferns and mosses do not reproduce from seeds.

A fern has spores. It has no seeds.

Ferns, club mosses, and horsetails share two characteristics. They have true vascular tissue and they do not produce seeds. Instead of seeds, these plants reproduce by releasing spores.

Ferne and mosses make spores.

Connifers reproduce by seeds. Ferns reproduce by spores

Mosses and ferns are plants which do not reproduce using seeds.

Mosses and ferns. Mosses and ferns do not produce seeds they produce spores.

Both ferns and mosses are non-flowering vascular plants. They have specialized vascular tissue for the transport of water and nutrients. They reproduce using spores instead of seeds.

Nonflowering Spore Plants. Mosses and ferns are the other two major types of plants that do not grow flowers. Mosses and ferns reproduce by spores instead of seeds.

Ferns and mosses grow from spores.

Horsetails produce seeds while mosses, ferns, and conifers produce spores.

Ferns, horsetails, mosses, and liverworts do not produce flowers or grow from seeds

Cryptogamous, plants that have no flowers or seeds. Reproduction is by Spores, such as ferns and mosses...

Yes, except ferns and mosses.

Mosses and ferns do not produce seeds; they are referred to as "seedless" plants, instead producing easily-damaged spores in great numbers for reproduction.

mosses reproduce using spores daises reprouduce using seeds

tree ferns reproduce through spores. they dont produce seeds or flowers or anything like that.

mostly by seeds. not sure by spores. Species looked like ferns probably reproduce by spores. In the Philippines many species are not yet discovered.

Ferns reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers.

Yes a fern does not grow from only spores but seeds too

No, ferns and mosses do not have seeds. They are kind of like grass and grass does not have seeds.

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