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It's essential for ferrets to have water at all time for drinking,

As for bathing, some ferrets like water, some don't.

Some like to play in the water, I like to provide mine with a bowl or container they can splash around in.

if you start leting ferrets swim at about 6-36 months old then they'll start to get more and more ok with it, but for the water make sure that the water is just as low as its hip just in case

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Q: Do ferrets like water
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Do ferrets like being in water?

No. Ferrets are exactly like cats. They hate water.

Do ferrets swim or like water?

Ferrets can swim, but not all of them like water and they can tire very easily. Ferrets are not aquatic animals like minks.

Do ferrets like ponds?

Some ferrets like water, some don't. Ferrets wouldn't like ponds to swim in, they tire too quickly and might drown

Are ferrets allowed in water?

Ferret are allowed in water, in fact some ferrets like to play in the water. Make sure the water is shallow, as they tire easily if they have to swim.

Does the black footed ferret like water?

If they are like pet ferrets, they probably do.

How many times do you feed ferrets?

Ferrets need to have food (like kibble) and water available at all times as ferrets will not overeat (unless out of boredom not enough time out of their cage).

How do ferrets in the wild get water?

Streams, rivers, lakes, e.t.c. just like any other wild creature. Most water comes from the ferrets prey they have eaten

Can ferrets drink bottled water?

It is recommended for ferrets to have bottled water than water from the faucet.

What do ferrets like to do in the wild?

Ferrets like to sleep and hunt

Ferrets like to tip over their food and water dish.true or false?


Where can you buy water wings for ferrets?

Water wings are not available for ferrets as they are not swimmers (though they can swim)

How often do you have to change the water in a ferrets cage?

Change your ferrets water at least once daily

Who likes ferrets?

everyone like ferrets

Do ferrets like to take baths?

Some ferrets like baths, but most of them don't

How do you make duck soup for a ferret?

you add water to it, its pretty wattery, my ferrets dont like it.

Do ferrets look like rats?

No. Ferrets have a much longer, thinner body than a rat. They also have fur covering their tails whereas a rat does not.

Is it okay for ferrets to drink out of bowls?

it is actually better for ferrets to drink out of bowls, use a heavy crock or non-tip bowl. Most ferrets do not get enough hydration from a water bottle. Ferrets tend to dehydrate very quickly because of their rapid metabolism if they develop an illness or disease, which can be fatal, leading to death in just a matter of days. It is perfectly fine for ferrets to drink out of bowls, though you may want to watch them as they do like to play in the water, try to use a heavy crock (ceramic) bowl to prevent them from tipping it over. A ferret needs to learn to drink from a bowl, they will intake more water. It is also suggested to avoid tap water for ferrets, use bottled water instead.

Do you have to leave some food and water for your pet ferret when your gone somewhere like school?

All pets should have unrestricted access to water and ferrets particularly need plenty of water. Ferrets eat every 3 to 4 hours and need to have food and water available at all times

How do black footed ferrets get their water?

Black footed ferrets drink water, but open water is rare on the prairie. They get most of their hydration from their prey - the prairie dog.

Do ferrets like to burrow?

Yes ferrets love to burrow and like dark, private den-like places to sleep, they are burrowing animals by nature. They make fabric sleeping sacks and tubes for ferrets.

Do ferrets like pools?

Ferret can swim, but will become exhausted very easily. They are not made for swimming. And some ferrets like to play in water and some don't. It wouldn't be a good idea for a ferret to swim in a chlorinated pool, because they would drink the water and it would make them sick and that wouldn't be good

Are Albino ferrets deaf?

No. Not all albino ferrets are deaf, but just like humans some ferrets can have hearing problems or be deaf.

Do ferrets hibranate?

Ferrets do not hibernate, they are domesticated animals, like a cat or dog.

What do ferrets not like?

Depends on the ferret as each has their own personalities, but in general, most ferrets don't like to be held or restrained. Also ferrets don't like to be kept in their cage (which they need several hours daily out of their cage).

Why do some people that don't like ferrets as pets is it because of their strong odor?

Ferrets can have a musk odor, neutered ferrets have less of a smell than ferrets that have not been fixed. Some people find their odor offensive, where as some people like their smell. Like I don't' like the way dogs smell, but I like the ferret's odor which to me smells like popcorn or Frito's.