First and Third Person Shooter Games

Do first-person shooter gamers make good soldiers?


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Original Answer: Not at all.

In a fps your pressing buttons and in some, you can die many many times.

In real life, you run around with a gun and kill real people, and once you get killed, you yourself are dead.


Interesting, no the correct answer for this is YES to some degree. With regards to shooting, and moving absolutely not. As the previous contributor answered, real life is challenging to a degree that isn't even comparable. Just moving a few feet during an actual fight can be challenging.

However, understanding the mechanics of tactical movement is beneficial to anyone in combat for sure. Games that accurately assign tasks that are more than the 'kill' can help you understand that complexities of say, an extraction. In addition, if the game creators consulted with true soldiers, then learning how ambushes occur, placement of ordinances, use of higher-ground tactics, can lend a video game-playing-soldier with a better understanding of the mechanics of a mission.

All that aside though, war is not fun in any way. And playing a game about war does not give you any idea of what you will see or experience. Just remember that when you're having fun.