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Some fish do, but not exactly like humans. Bony Saltwater Fish lose water by osmosis. To replenish the lost water, the fish need to drink.

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Q: Do fish get thirsty
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Do fish get firsty?

No, fish do not get thirsty.

What animal is never thirsty?

a fish

Do fish ever get thirsty under water?

No, if they are living under WATER they will never be thirsty.

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that's what i want to know

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Alive without breath as cold as death never thirsty forever drinking all in mail never clinking?

A fish

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Do fish ever get thirsty?

Only if you think they do! Yes. Fish that live in saltwater lose moisture from their bodies through osmosis. These fish need to drink lots of water, or they'll become dehydrated. The extra salt is then simply excreted.

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