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Yes, flies have exoskeletons. Flies are arthropods and all arthropods have an exoskeleton. More than 90% of creatures on earth are arthropods.

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yeah they do have one

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Q: Do flies have exoskeletons
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Do fruit flies have bones?

Insects do not have bones, they have exoskeletons, these are rigid external shells with their soft tissues inside.

Do dolphins have exoskeletons?

no, they are mammals no mammals have exoskeletons

Do earthworms have exoskeletons?

No, the don't. For example, crabs have exoskeletons.

Do flys have exoskeletons?

Yes, all insects have exoskeletons.

Do insects have exoskeletons?

Insects have exoskeletons for both protection and structural support.

Does coral have Exoskeletons?

Yes, coral does have exoskeletons made of calcium carbonate. These exoskeletons provide structure and support for the coral polyps, which are tiny organisms that secrete the calcium carbonate to build the coral reefs. Over time, these exoskeletons accumulate and form the large coral reef structures we see in the ocean.

Do kangaroos have exoskeletons?


Are arachnids exoskeleton?

Yes, they do have exoskeletons. Exoskeletons are hard outer shells that protect and support the body.

Do slugs crabs shrimp starfish and jellyfish have exoskeletons?

Crabs and shrimp have exoskeletons. Slugs, Starfish and Jellyfish do not.

Do bees have exoskeletons?

Yes. Because bee is an insect. Insects have exoskeletons.

Does insect have backbones?

No, they have exoskeletons.

What do all arthopods have?