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Questions about fruit flies, horse flies, common house flies, or any other insect with a single pair of wings.

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Is a housefly a vertebrate or invertebrate?

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What kind of chemical does the mother fly deposit on the egg?

The Mother fly deposits a heteropolysaccharide called 'cutin', which on exposure to air, hardens and protects the eggs against desiccation and injuries. ...
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How do you get rid of flies in the garden?

Depends on wether small or large (housefly) Small may be fungus-type gnat. Large would be indicative of a sanitation problem nearby. ...
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How long are flies pregnant for?

they do not get presnant, they lay eggs.
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Do caterpillars eat inside their cocoons?

No, they change into a pupa inside the cocoon. Bagworm moth caterpillars do make what looks like a cocoon and they move about taking the bag with them. As they eat and grow, they make the bag larger. When they are ready to change into pupae, each one will pupate inside its own bag. ...
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What does house fly nests look like?

House flys dont have nests. I would beg to differ! Not that I know for sure, but... they MUST have some kind of nesting behaviour, because last night when I came home there were approx 50 or more dead or dying houseflies on my bedroom floor! It was like something out of a horror movie! I'm serious -- there had to be at least 50 of them. I think they must have come in through a small hole that had developed...
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What are facts about no flying in the house?

Annabel is half fairy, lives with her grandmother, has to choose if she wants to stay human or began her life a a fairy , a tiny gold collar wearing dog named Gloria acts as her parents she can also talk, a evil cat named Belinda wants her to be a fairy ( I'm not sure why) I think that's it. ...
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Do mayflies sting?

they don't
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Is it safe for a puppy to eat crane flies?

Yeah, for sure! My dog (when he was a puppy) used to play and eat crane flies all the time. ...
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How long do drosophila flies live?

9-11 days. Its life cycle is very short.
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Do fruit flies eat moss?

FRUIT flies lol jk i have no clue but probly not
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Are dragonflies related to house flies?

House flies are from the taxonomical order Diptera, meaning two-winged, whereas the four-winged dragonflies and damselflies are from the order Odanata, so the two would not be considered closely related. Also, the dragonflies are predators and have mouth parts adapted for preying on other insects. House flies are not able to do this. There are many other differences despite the fact the two-winged flies are considered by some to have evolved from the four-winged variety. ...
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Why do flies fly in a square?

its the only shape they know, or they are planing something....
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What kind of fly has stripes on its back?

A Dragon Fly has stripes on its back. I've held on and I saw the stripes. They are very beautiful. ...
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How do you get rid of maggots on a rabbitts but?

You wash the fecal matter off the rabbit's butt, you may have to let it soak, then trim the fur and get rid of the maggots and infection caused by them. You may need to use hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin ointment to combat the infection. Hopefully the maggots have not began to eat on the rabbit's flesh. Clean their cage and disinfect it. Prevent the buildup from happening again by increasing their roughage like adding straw or hay to their diet. This happens...
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How do you kill midge flies?

hit em
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How many days does a fly live?

A fly can live 4 about 3-5 days
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How can flies be stopped from spreading disease?

unfortunatley they cant stop spreading disease because they do discusting things like tread in horse poo and other stuff that might spread illness ...
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What does a big black horse fly bite look like?

A horse fly bite looks like a large raised reddish bruise. or a small tomato without the green bit on top ...
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Do fly's fart?

Yes they do. they also eat by vomiting on their food and slurping it back up. That sounds like fart power to me ...
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How long do fruit flies live?

10-18 days. it depends on the variety, some fruit flys like ceratitis cappitata have been known to live for 6 months. ...
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What is the lifespan of a fly?

The common housefly (suborder Cyclorrhapha) generally can have a life cycle of 15 to 30 days. The lifespan varies depending on the temperatures and living conditions. Four distinct stages characterize its life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Eggs, which resemble individual rice grains, hatch within a day; larvae, also known as maggots, live for three to five days; and the pupal stage lasts three to six days. ...
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Can you get sick if a fly lands on you?

no we don't get sick if a fly lands on us. the place where it sucks our blood just swells up and it itches a lot. Yes, flies carry dirt and germs on their feet. The germs can be transferred into your system if the germs get into your blood stream or mucous membranes. It is not going to happen very often and a single fly is typically not going to carry enough to get around the immune system. But it is...