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The Folk Nation doesn't worship the devil. You're thinking about a gang called the Insane Gangster Satan Disciple Nation, which is a gang under the Folk Nation, their symbol is a devils head, but it's just a gang symbol to differate them from other gangs in the Folk Nation it doesn't really have a meaning.

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Q: Do folk nation worship the devil?
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Below is a list of rappers and other music artists that are in Folk Nation gangs... Lil Scrappy(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) Crime Mob(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) Trillville(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) 8Ball & MJG(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) Cashis(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) Maino(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) Juicy J(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) DJ Paul(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) V-Slash(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) Lil Reno(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) Project Pat(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation) Pyrexx(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)-A.B.N. Rap Group Lil Wyte(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

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Join the Folk Nation & find out.

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