Do french people say excuse your English when they curse?

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No. They just tend to say "excusez-moi" or apologise in a similar way.
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Why don't people say 'excuse me' anymore when crossing other's viewing or personal space?

I still say it. A lot of the changes in etiquette have to do with the way people are brought up. I lived back east for 4 years and the polite meter dropped drastically there. But there were those who were kind and considerate like I am used to. In Montana it is a little less formal than when I was a ( Full Answer )

Why do people say curse words?

Honestly it depends on who's saying it. Many people use profanity to emphasize their point, express their dissatisfaction, or as a verbal explanation point. Some people don't consider it a big deal, others are easily offended by it. This might be too broad of a question to come up with a great answe ( Full Answer )

How do you curse in French?

the only curse word I know in french is "marde". You'll never be able to pronounce it right unless you hear it but it means "sh*".

How do you say excuse me in french?

"Excuse me" in French is "Excusez-moi" or "Pardonnez-moi" or even simply, "Pardon" ^ And "Will you please excuse me" is: Vous m' excuserez s'il vous plait?

What do French people refer to English people as?

British, Welsh, Scots are undiscriminately refered to as "les anglais", a little less for the Scots to be true. A well-known fact is that "les anglaises sont rousses avec des grandes dents" (all Englishwomen are red-haired with big teeth) The popular and familiar nickname for English people is ( Full Answer )

What do french people say when they toast?

The classic phrase is "à la santé !" (to health!) which can be shortened to "à la vôtre !" / "à la tienne !" or "santé !" In friendly situations, though, I find that it is more common to say "tchin !" (or "tchin-tchin"), which represents the sound of glasses hitting togeter.

How do people say shy in french?

timide. for more just. go to . then set English to whatever you need

What do English people refer french people to?

A common word that English people use to describe French people as is 'frogs', probably because of the supposedly traditional French dish of frogs legs. I can't think of any others....I guess it depends on what people associate with France because nick names normally come from things that people rel ( Full Answer )

How do you say excuse me do you speak English in mandarin?

对不起,请问。 你会说英语吗? Duì bù qǐ, qǐng wèn. Nǐ huì shuō yīng yǔ ma? Excuse me, may I please ask if you speak English?

How do you say are you English in french?

Je n'parle pas Français is "I don't speak French" Je suis britannique is "I am Brittish" Je suis Américain is "I am American" S'il vous plaît parler Anglais is "Please speak English" I hope those help.

Say you speak English in french?

In French, to ask how do you speak English? you say: Comment vous parlent anglais ? To ask do you speak English? you say: Parlez vous anglais? To ask how do you say ____ in English? you say: ça se dit comment "____" en anglais? In French, to simply say the language English or the ( Full Answer )

Why do people say excuse my french after swearing?

" Pardon my French " or " Excuse my French " is a common English language phrase ostensibly disguising profanity as French. The phrase is uttered in an attempt to excuse the user of profanity or curses in the presence of those offended by it under the pretense of the words being part of a foreign la ( Full Answer )

How do you say the English name Lily in French?

Lily - the girl's name doesn't exist in French - the flower is called 'un lys', but there are many kinds of lily and they all have different names in French.

How do you say peoples ages in french?

I am __ years old. → J'ai __ ans. He is __ years old. → Il a __ ans. She is __ years old. → Elle a __ ans.

Some people says cinema is curse why?

Its a myth so forget about it but.... The Phantom It is a haunted musical and seems like its in the cinema. The Phantom came because it was under a curse.

What curse words did people in the 1800s say?

There is a book in which you might take an interest, one which will answer your question far better than I can here. I'm sure you can find it on Amazon, on Bookfinder, Alibris, or via many or any of the other online bookdealers. Its name? The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800's by Mark M ( Full Answer )

Do white people say cursing or cussing?

Because some people are angry and they are making this to revenge to the one he/she is angry at. Others just wanted to make this to have fun...

How do you say am English in french?

Je suis anglais(e) (I am english) or Je suis américain(e) (I am american) -- in both cases you add the e if you are a girl also, it is more proper to say Je pare l'anglais (which is "I speak english")

How do you say learn English in french?

to learn English : apprendre l'anglais learn English instead of waste your time : apprends l'anglais à la place de perdre ton temps

How do you say understand English in French?

To understand English is "Comprendre l'anglais" in French. Est-ce que vous comprenez l'anglais ? or (casually) est-ce que vous parlez anglais ? are the French equivalents of 'do you understand English?'

How do you say cute in English translated into french?

The translation for "cute" into French is "mignon(ne)". This means that masculine nouns will use "mignon" and feminine nouns will use "mignonne". This is also an adjective that is used after the noun you are describing it with. For example, if you wanted to say "the cute boy", you would say "le garc ( Full Answer )

How do you say do you no English in french?

There are a few ways to ask this question. One way is "Est-ce que tu parles anglais?" If you were talking to more than one person, you would say, "Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?" In both of these translations, the "est-ce que" is optional, but it is often used to inform the listener that you are go ( Full Answer )

Do french people say mam'selle?

I guess... but the correct form would be Mademoiselle, meaning an unmarried lady, like Ms. and Madame would be a married lady, like Mrs. Their abbreviations are Mlle. and Mme.

Why do you say excuse my French when you swear?

The phrase refers to the assumption that french people are obscene or of "loose morals", so what you are essentially saying is: What I am saying is inappropriate here, but in France it would be okay, excuse me for being as immoral as the French.

How do you say excuse me in Elizabethan English?

Falstaff in Henry IV Part II Act V Scene 1 says this: "You must excuse me, Master Robert Shallow." It's the same as the contemporary phrase, but it is included in a full sentence. You can substitute "pardon" for "excuse" if you like, as you can in our contemporary idiom. The Elizabethans were mor ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'excuse my French' in French?

Excuse my French could be translated in French as 'si je peux dire' (if I may say so) or ' passez moi l'expression' (forgive me the word), or 'pardonnez-moi' (pardon me).

How do you say the word English in french?

"English" is "anglais" (the language, uncapitalized), "Anglais" (the inhabitants of England), or "anglais" (the adjective) or "anglaise" (feminine form for the adjective).

How do you say bastard in French with English pronunciation?

The term is "bâtard" in French. For the English pronunciation, read it as you would in English, there is no real reference for this sort of question. I would say : "ba" like in back and "tar" like in target

Do English people speak French?

No, they speak English. In English schools children are taught a second language, and it is commonly French. However, when they get to secondary school they can often take German, Spanish, Italian and even Russian, depending upon the school. Historically, the royalty in England spoke French as ( Full Answer )

Why do British people say 'excuse me'?

Because some British people are polite. Saying 'excuse me' is good manners. For example: 'excuse me, I need to visit the loo'. Or 'Oh, excuse me, I didn't realise you were in here'. It is also said after a burp.