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Q: Do freshmen usually take us or world history?
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Where do you start if you want to skip freshman year in high school?

You usually have to take a test that will decided if you can skip, but don't be worried it freshmen year is not all that bad.

What does it take to be a history professor?

An extensive knowledge of World and US history.

What is the history timeline of a refrigerator?

cats take over the world

Do high school freshmen take pre algebra?

Yes, many do, but some had it in middle school so they do not.

Do freshmen have to take the regents?

The freshmans who are advanced in classes in hard and high classes take regents the ones with normal classes don't take regents as freshman

How do you build a relationship between all of the Freshman?

It is impossible to build relationships between all of the Freshmen because each person has their own personality and their likes and dislikes. Making friends with a few Freshman by talking to them on their terms (the subjects they are talking about) and one or more may take a liking to you. There is an attitude with some Freshmen of Freshmen sticking with Freshmen and they wear it like a badge of honor by not letting anyone lower than themselves (so they think) into their group.

Do people take mcas in 9th grade?

well, this year[2008-2009) we are taking the history one but if you dont pass it, you can still take it the next year. && if you are a freshman this year according to my school we'll be the first ones taking all of them (the four ones) but not in our freshmen year. hope i helped u

If you are a freshmen can you take summer classes to graduate sooner?

no good little fishes are so simple it will only get you ahead the faster you graduate depends on the classes you take

Why do you have to take world history or American history class?

because people are mean that way and they want you to be tortured.. i honestly don't know

Do freshmen have to take showers for PE?

No , because it would take too long & you wouldn't have enough time to get to your next class if you did. So that's why it's no longer required.

Why is Julius Caesar still famous now?

He is an important part of Roman history. In the jigsaw of History, take Julius Caesar out, and you would have a piece of the historical history of the world - missing.

Is it better to take geography or history after secondary 2?

it usually depends on your interest , but i score well in geo and still take his although i m still thinking between them