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im not sure if they do but i think they do because frogs eat any bug they see as i have been informed before, im pretty sure they do eat waterstriders.

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What do water striders eat?

they eat any thing a frog would eat

What kind of food do water striders eat?


What do whaterstriders eat?

Water striders eat small insects that fall on the water's surface,or larvae that live just bellow the surface.

How the water striders stay dry on water?

Water striders have tiny hairs on their feet that enables them to walk on the surface tension of water without getting wet.

Do frogs eat water fleas?

Yes. frogs do eat water fleas. the frog will eat almost anything it can fit in its throat, including a snake.

Can baby frogs eat leaves and grass?

Baby frogs - tadpoles - eat microorganisms in the water.

Where do water striders live?

in a volcano

What is the difference between what tadpoles and adult frogs eat?

Adult frogs eat dragonflies and flies, and tadpoles eat water bugs and microscopic organisms in the water.

Insect that skims along water?

An insect that skims along water striders. The scientific name for these insects is Gerridae. The majority of these water striders are freshwater bugs.

What do water snakes eat?

fish and frogs

What do salt water frogs eat?


What attraction is important to water striders?

Surface tension is important to water striders because surface tension gives them the ability to float and not sink and drown.

What do land frogs eat and drink?

they eat insects and drink water

What are the bugs called that glide across the water?

they are called water striders

Can spiders swim?

yes they are called water striders!

What does pond water snakes eat?

Fish and frogs

What has the author Lanna Cheng written?

Lanna Cheng has written: 'The water-striders of Ontario' -- subject(s): Gerridae 'The water-striders of Ontario' -- subject(s): Gerridae

What do water frogs eat?

they eat bugs such as"wasps,roaches,beetles,andso on"

Do fish eat water striders?

yes of course fish will feed on them. water strider (JESUS BUG) also eat other water bugs spring tails and any other bug except one bigger than them!

Does monkeys eat frogs?

No. Monkeys do not eat frogs & frogs.

Why are frogs attracted to a pool?

Frogs are attracted to a pool because they need water and poos also are where frogs find insects to eat.

Is there any way to walk on water?

Yes. Water Striders do it all the time.

What Do Blue Mountains Frogs Eat?

This frogs' diet consist of insects that live near the water source.

When do frogs drink water?

When they get thirsty or eat sumthin spicccaaay

Do frogs eat water stick insects?

yes of cause

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